Saturday, April 26, 2008

Long Time. No Blog

Where does the time go? I have lots of updating to do. Prepare yourself, I will be all over the board with this catch up post.

Since I last blogged, Adam's mom was able to come stay a quick weekend with us. We had a great time. Bryson even started calling her Memere. Saturday was spent at Hanna Park where we played in the sand and surf, picniced by a quaint lake and climbed on the park equipment. Fun was had by all. The weather couldn't have been any better. Bryson took to his Memere quite quickly wanting her to be involved in all his activity.

The three of us also drove down to Ft. Myers for a weekend to celebrate my little brother's 26th birthday. I have to admit, I still think of him as only 7 years old or so. . .crazy. He and Holly, my lovely sister in law, have been married just over a year. They are great together. I don't have any pics of the birthday boy, (sad) but here is one of his lovely wife, Holly with none other than BRYSON!

Adam left on that Sunday, leaving Bryson and me at my parents house to spend a relaxing week. The highlight for Bryson was most certainly throwing rocks in the water. My parents live on a river so that was some BIG excitement there. He learned to say "Jet Ski" and even took a ride on his Grandaddy's sailboat. Grandmommy proved to be just so much fun. They read lots of books and spent a lot of time playing together. Good times, good times.

Bryson is chattering more and more these days. You just never know what will come out of his mouth next. He LOVES ice, I mean he thinks that is a treat. I love how he asks for it "ice, ice baby." you know it, he is the next Vanilla Ice!

One of my favorite moments in the last few days has to have been getting out of the car Wednesday night after church. He looked up and in his little almost 2 year old voice said, "Moonah! Stars. . .onah. . . . tooo. . . . tree. . . porh. six. nine. TEN stars!" My little star gazer. So Innocent. . .thinking he can count all the stars in the sky. What a sweet boy!

We are planning his SECOND birthday. . .it seems like yesterday we were celebrating his birth.

I have lots of discipline notes to blog on . . .I will save that for another day.

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Todd and Cilla said...

YIPPEE, a new blog!!!
I just love getting little tidbits into the Hebert Family! You guys are so cool!
I am praying for you and can't wait to hear from you on Monday.... ;)