Thursday, April 30, 2009

No Wonder they are called GRAND!

I love my parents! They were so wonderful to come stay with us right before Mabry arrived and continued to stay for 2 weeks after she came. They were a HUGE help, not only with Bryson but also with MANY chores around our new house. My mom helped me finalize Mabry's nursery. Here we are doing one of the many projects that put the finishing touch on her room. We laugh. . .ALOT! I love having a mom that totally "gets me." She, more than anyone else, understands the ADD brain that I have been struggling with since my childhood and that is such a comfort. She just knows me. I love that!

Here is my dad. . .handyman extraordinaire! He was so busy while he was here. He hung a total of 4 curtain rods, 1 towel bar, installed counter tops and shelving in my laundry room, straightened our garage, adjusted some curtains in my dining, living, and Bryson's room, helped my mom MAKE a bedspread for Bryson's room, hung shelving in Bryson's room, and cleaned the kitchen practically every night(I am sure there is more that is escaping me at the moment.) (Momma, I think he is a keeper!)

My mom made a bedspread for Bryson's room, and was the master mind to the sweetest little girl nursery I have ever seen. She also planned and cooked dinners, helped me keep the house straight,made 2 floral arrangements, created a scrapbook, decorated the guest room, and was available for a laugh at any moment. She also lit the fire under my dad so he would complete the projects listed above.

They are WONDERFUL. Grandmommy and Grandaddy Gregg also did so much for Bryson while we were busy with Mabry. Bryson absolutely adores them.

Thanks for all you did Momma and Daddy! I love you!

Monday, April 27, 2009

And now, The Rest of the Story

Part 2

So, I get up to the room and have the IV started along with the petocin(sp??). . .my body takes over and I no longer need it. I start some pretty strong contractions and start asking for the epidural. (I am not a real fan of pain.)Unfortunately, the bag of IV fluids must be emptied before the epidural can be ordered. Contractions begin getting stronger and stronger where I am actually having to breath through the pain. PAINFUL! Finally, the bag is emptied the anesthesiologist gets to the room, the epidural is put into place and then I am ready to push. . .but my OB wasn't there yet. . .MORE BREATHING. . . I kept saying (quite possibly yelling) "This really hurts!!" MORE BREATHING. . .Mabry was more than ready to come out. . .MORE BREATHING. . . Finally the OB arrives and Mabry comes out in less than 10 minutes. I felt every bit of that. The Epidural didn't take effect fast enough. It finally kicked in moments after Mabry arrived. . .but not where one would think. My arms and face felt numb instead of what should have. . .I couldn't even hold Mabry for long for fear I would drop her. My arms had no feeling and my cheeks were equally as numb. What an odd sensation. Whatever! Mabry was here and she was beautiful. Love at first sight.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

38 weeks and 6 days

That is how far along I was when my dr saw the absolute desperation in my eyes.

Can you see it? I was miserable folks. Apparently I grow big babies that makes for giant bellies. Wanna closer look? These were taken the morning of April 7th.

That's right, no twins, just a HUGE BABY BELLY. I was at my wits end here. My feet were HUGE and swollen. Take a look, if you dare. . .and they only got worse the closer to the end I got. . . please don't judge me.

Thankfully, I now have ankles with actual bones that I can actually see. I am amazed that they came back after looking so hideous!

April 7th I enter my drs office thinking I am there for a routine weekly check-up. Praying for more however. She does the exam and asks the question I prayed for, for the week leading up to this appointment: "Do you just want to have this baby today?" It was as if the heavens opened and God gave me a wink. Hallelujah, my prayers had been answered. I didn't even think twice. I think I jumped up and HUGGED her right then and there. She sent me to the hospital and told me to tell them that I have been having contractions every 2-3 minutes and to act like I was in labor. I then had a moral dilemma. . .LIE to the HOSPITAL??? I was so desperate, however that I chalked it up to taking the medical advice of my OB.

Adam and I quickly drove to the hospital and did what she told me to do. . .(I will say that she did an exam on me that actually gave a few contractions. . .)Anyway, I get to the hospital and they hook me up to the "contraction machine" and the nurse notices that I am no longer having contractions. . "They must have tapered off," I say, hoping she is not going to send me home. Thankfully, my dr then comes flying in the door ready to break my water. PRAISE YE THE LORD.

I get sent up to my room and they hook me up to the petocin and into actual labor I GO! Hooray. My body actually took over and they were able to take me off the petocin.

***To be continued. . .Mabry is screaming in her bed. . .

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Promise

I hereby solomly swear to get back to blogging as soon as I am . . .(*searching for a word here*). . .ready. Yes that is it, ready. I will get back to blogging as soon as I am ready, because I am able, capable, and do seem to have time to write this. . .I am just not ready to put much thought into it. . .so there. I will leave you with a few photos. Enjoy!

Love, A new mommy to 2!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mabry's Nursery. . .It is finished!

I am ready to unveil Mabry's nursery. Finally it has come to life thanks to so much help from my parents. I love the finished results. My friend Jill wasn't able to come up after all. . .she is in the middle of planning a wedding and a new life and got sick in the middle of that on top of teaching art full time. I don't know how she does it. My mom came up with the idea of using felt on the walls to add texture and a bold pop of color. It came out beautifully. She bought 2 flower lights from Ikea. . . the white above the changing table and a pink one above the chair for soft lighting during late night feedings or changings and that got us started. We then cut HUGE flowers out used spray adhesive to attach them to the walls. We also went to Hobby Lobby to buy the cute little flower hooks that we painted to coordinate with the bedding. The room simply makes me happy. Enjoy the pics! I will be sure to let you know when Mabry makes her appearance. . .SOOOOOOOOON I hope. We should be only days away.