Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Christmas Card

In lieu of Paper Christmas Cards, I am doing an e-card this year. . . Better than nothing at all.

Merry Christmas!!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Totally and Complety Unpacked. . .nothing more to do

And if you believe that. . .I have some ocean front property in Arizona you might be interested in!

We have been in our new house now since Saturday, and I LOVE it! I don't have to turn on lights at 8:30 am just to see my way around the kitchen. This house actually has windows, you know the kind. . .that let the light shine in. What a modern day miracle. My bathroom feels so large and luxurious and CLEAN! The backyard has already gotten lots of use too. We truly have been blessed.

We still have many boxes to go through, but we are getting there slowly but surely. My kitchen is 95% complete and our bathrooms are not far behind. I have unpacked all the necessary items and found homes for those things, but the decorations are still neatly packed away. That is next on the list. However, I did unpack the Christmas tree first! Bryson loves it, and I do too!!

Adam's dad came in from NH to help us move and we could NOT have done it without him. He was such a trooper. They worked their cans off sealing tile, moving boxes, unpacking, hanging fixtures, painting furniture etc. They even cleaned the ENTIRE cave for me. Once I left that place on Saturday, there was NO turning back. I didn't have to wipe out the fridge or even clean the one potty that I used maybe 5 times. Many of you know, I only used the hall bath. There was something about that master bathroom that made me sick. . .literally. Adam and my father in law are my HEROES.

Bryson is doing GREAT in his big boy bed. He spent the first few days saying nothing but, "Do you want to see my new room? Do you want to see my new airplane sheets? Come see my new room." Over and over and over and over. . .oh he loves it in there. Thanks to all of you who made the decision to do it all at once, Big Boy Bed and New Room. He doesn't miss his crib one little bit. Naps have been a little shorter, but that could have been due to how bright his room was without curtains. I have temporarily remedied the problem with a large attractive beach towel. He slept nearly 3 hours yesterday. God is good.

TMI alert. . . The poop situation is getting much better. At one point he was screaming "something is hurting me" and wouldn't go poop in the potty. He is now a pro. All his poop has been hitting the potty since we got here. He even went with Adam at The Home Depot. That is his greatest accomplishment to date. Adam gets daddy of the year award for that for sure!

Sorry no pics. Would you believe I didn't get one pic of the entire move? Who had time to be snapping photos? I sure didn't. :) Pictures of the new house all put together are on the way. Thanks for your prayers!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Almost Ready

Our walk through was today and everything is looking great! I thought I was going to update with pics, but everything looks so bland and like empty rooms. . .nothing really fun to see. I will post pics as we are moving stuff in.

I sent out a mass email with our new address on it. . .if I forgot to send it to you and you are desperate to send us a Christmas Card, please email me and I will get it right out to you.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Final Countdown

Yes, it is true, I just cannot wait to get into our new house. I have been waiting for this day since the day we moved in here. This time next week, I will be blissfully up to my neck in boxes. . .boxes that I will be unpacking for the last time. I now know how my parents feel. They move far more than any other people I know. I don't know where they are half the time. Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale, the sailboat, Big Canoe. . .(please don't ask me for their address. . .I'm sure I don't know it. . .making it harder now that their current location has 2 addresses??? One for mail, one for location??? Strange.) In the past year we have lived in 3 places and packed and unpacked a total of 7 times. . .next Saturday will make our 4th house and our 8th pack job. . .whew I am tired just thinking about it. I look forward unpacking and finding a permanent home for my things. I also look forward to making a HUGE drop at the GoodWill located right across the street from me currently. I am NOT bringing junk into my new house.

As for Christmas cards this year. . .we aren't doing them. Too much, too stressful, but I may send out change of address cards after the new year. . . maybe. . .don't hold your breath.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Like a Band Aid

Thank you to all of you who imparted your wisdom regarding our bed situation. All but 2 of you said choice B. So, choice B it is! New Room=New Bed. As my big brother said last night, (all the way from China via IM) do it quick like a band aid instead of drawing it out. Another one of my friends emailed her response and it made perfect sense too. When we go on trips, Bryson doesn't expect his crib to be there and he has to except any sleeping arrangement that is provided. This new house is no different. I totally agree with that. Here is a picture of Bryson accepting an odd sleeping arrangement not too long ago on my parents sailboat. He struggled the first night and LOVED it the second. (Notice: he is still loving the trifecta.)

I now what to explore the idea of KEEPING him in his bed so we are not returning him there numerous times during the night. I see this as an issue of obedience and he should obey us. But, how do we draw the line with the pottying? I have a friend who's son was able to produce actual tee tee upwards of 10 or more times in the potty after he got in bed. They have since nipped that in the bud, but it wasn't easy. . .any advice is welcomed. Also, what is your experience with naps and big boy beds? Does it tend to shorten the nap? I am NOT ready to give up a 3 1/2 hour nap everyday.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Please Advise

As you know, we are moving in 9 days (NINE DAYS, and I will be out of this CAVE FOREVER! ahem, I just had to get that out. . .I feel better!) We have been potty training for a little over 2 weeks (It is going very well, certainly more success than failure at this point.), and I need your advice.

Bryson is 2 years 7 months old and is still in his crib. . .he LOVES his crib. He has never attempted to scale the sides or get out in anyway (now that I think about it. . .he tries to climb INTO it more than he wants to climb out.) He doesn't want to get out of it most mornings and many nap times he will wake up after 3.5 hours and not want to get out. He is 2 going on teenager. What can I say, the boy loves him some sleep! (Not one complaint from here!)

However, we will be moving and I do NOT want to set up his crib again in the new house in his room. He will be giving it to baby girl soon enough. (I won't set it up in her room until he is sleeping soundly in his new big boy bed. . .I do know better than that.)

So here is where I need help. . .Do I

A) let Bryson "help" daddy take down the crib THIS weekend. Get him all excited about a new Big Boy Bed (which will simply be a mattress on the floor with some really cool airplane sheets) and allow him to get used to this BIG change in a familiar place for a week. . .

OR. . .

B) talk up the Big Boy Bed and new room all week and hope for the best the night we move in. . .still allowing him to "help" daddy take down the crib the day we move making EVERYTHING new. Big Boy Bed AND New Room. . .


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I am now 5 months pregnant, and I feel hungry all. the. time. . . I KNOW I don't have to eat when I feel the hunger coming, but my wants take over all too often. Afterwords I am left feeling gross and wondering "why on earth did I just do that to myself?" I feel like I have had Thanksgiving dinner all over again. I remember this feeling with Bryson, too. One would think I would learn. . .but tell that to the girl whose first word as a child was EEEEEEAT!!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Big Canoe = Big Fun

We had a great time at my parents "tabin" (as Bryson calls it) in the mountains of Big Canoe (north of Atlanta). My little Brother, Ashley and his wife Holly (there she is on the rocker playing with Bryson)joined us. Bryson especially loved looking for deer, exploring my Uncle's really neat back yard complete with creek and giant climbing rocks. He also enjoyed playing with the Black Bear, dubbed "Bryson Bear" thatmy mom decorated her simple Christmas tree with. We laughed, and rested, and laughed, and played and ATE a TON. Oh what fun! My mom cooked her can off. . .she single handedly cooked Thanksgiving. What a feat! What a feast! My mom even had prepared a little arts and crafts for us. We made Pine Cone Wreaths to hang on our doors.
We also roasted marshmellows in my Uncle's new outdoor stone fireplace. It was perfect weather for it for sure. Here is my Uncle Charles on the left and my daddy on the right.
It rained a lot and we were really hoping it would turn to snow. . .unfortunately it did not, but my mom called me early this morning to tell us that the rain FINALLY turned to snow and we all missed it. Oh well, there is always next year!

PS 12 more days til we close on our house!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Major Developments

*TMI Alert*TMI Alert*TMI Alert*
BRYSON POOPED IN THE POTTY WITH NO PROMPTING! What a BIG day for us. I had never seen him so excited in all his little life when I got home. It was so sweet. I was at church working the nursery when this went down. Adam was here to witness the event. He tells me they thew a party near the potty. Bryson got 5 count 'em FIVE M&Ms and a new little Taxi Cab matchbox car. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!

The Results Are IN!

We are seeing PINK, PINK, PINK
She was folded in half during most of the Sonogram (or is it Ultrasound?? I can't ever get that straight.) But the technician was sure it was a girl with in the first few moments. I just couldn't believe it. Tears just rolled down my face. What a blessing, what a total miracle.
Here she is waving "Hello" to everyone. She is a social butterfly already!

Just last night, Bryson was playing with a toy that is intended for his baby cousin, Samantha. He brought the toy over and said "This is for your baby, mommy." He raised my shirt. . .looked up at me and said, "Does your baby have hands, mommy?" He is totally confused at how this is all going to work out. Maybe it helped him to see this picture??? How much does a 2 1/2 year old really understand?

In Bryson related news, HE USED THE PUBLIC POTTY AT THE DRs OFFICE! This is a huge step forward for him. I am just SO proud of him. Yay! He then used it again at a restaurant! Hooray for Bryson!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

25 More Days!!!

Let the count down officially begin!

All to God's glory we were able to sell our house in a not so great market in a little under 2 months, find a very reasonably priced apartment (cave), and find the house that I am sure we will call home for many, many years. He is a picture of our almost complete home. By now there is sod and landscaping, but you get the idea. It will be ours as of Dec. 12th. So we really will be "Home for the Holly-days. . .I mean holidays!" I can hardly stand it. I want IN IN IN! I keep telling Adam that I would so move in as is. If only the builders would let us.

I think Bryson is as excited as I am! What do you think?

And for those of you hangin' on the edge of your seat for the next Potty Training update. . .here it is. . .We were free from wet pants from Sat. at 11am all the way until Tuesday (today) around 10:30 am. He had 2 . . .count 'em TWO. . . accidents at school today. I don't think Bryson is ready to use a public potty. He also WILL NOT poop in ANY potty not even ours. Any advice?? Thankfully, his teachers are SO super supportive of not using pull-ups. We are blessed to have these two ladies who deal with potty accidents all day with a smile.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cast your vote

Wonder what I am having?? I am fairly certain it is a baby and not a cat, dog or even monkey. . .but I do wonder what YOU think I am having. . . blue or pink cast your votes now. We go on Wednesday to find out. We are most certainly and above all else praying for health. Leave your vote in the comment section and check back here on Wednesday afternoon to find out for sure!!!

PS Don't be afraid to comment. . .I know some of you in DE, NC, PA, NH are reading this and NOT commenting. . . :) Go ahead, you can do it, don't be shy! I want to hear from you.

PSS If you are following along in the potty training. . .we are accident free STILL. . .no accidents since Sat. at 11 am. For the record he is in "special sleeping undies" aka pull-ups for naps and night time. He has woken up wet and with poop. . .One hurdle at a time.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Its Rockin' Our World

*TMI Alert*TMI Alert*TMI Alert*

My oh my, how our life has changed since Friday. I am in mourning over the simplicity of diapers. We are on day three of potty patrol and we are accident free as of Saturday morning at 11 (it is 2:51 pm Sunday as I type this.) I will say that Bryson is on top of telling us that "his t-t is coming." He has told us on his own now at least 4 times since yesterday. Progress indeed! He gets slightly frustrated (slightly might be an understatement here) when we MAKE him go. . .he cries and says he is empty. . .even after 3 hours. . .can that be??? I thought everyone could make something come out after at least 1 hour. . .hmmm. . . The things I have got to learn. We are struggling with the number 2 business. . . he has watched a friend's son go potty standing up for the past several months so he WILL NOT sit on the potty for any length of time. We did have a small, I mean minute, I mean teeny tiny victory with a small Tootsie Roll sized poop in the potty today. Bryson even said prior, I'm poopin' on Elmo. . .(he had Elmo undies on . . .doesn't every boy own a pair of those??) He did announce it 3 or 4 times and we were in and out of the potty 3 or 4 times before he made it happen. Frustrating for all parties involved. We did celebrate with a chocolate chip cookie. Any suggestions on getting him to SIT for any length of time?

I will leave you with a little ditty I wrote sung to the tune of "POP Goes the Weasel"
When you feel your T-T come
Get up and Run Run Run
All the way to the Potty
And do not Stop-y

Friday, November 14, 2008

Potty Training

Just a note from the potty training trenches. WE HAVE HAD SUCCESS multiple times today. The day started out rough with 2 pee pee accidents and one poop, but as the day progressed Bryson got right on board with the whole thing. Going multiple, multiple times through out the day (even a poop success!!!). M&Ms sure work magic. What really did it was lots and lots of prayer and for me to finally just sit on the floor outside the bathroom to give him a moment to relax. When I did that. . .boy did it ever FLOW! HOORAY. He is down for a nap now. . . A. MUCH. NEEDED. NAP. The day was very physically and emotionally draining for both of us. I think I might be up for a nap too!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

On a Whim

Yesterday, as I was talking on the phone with my mom, she mentioned that she and my dad got cheap flights to Austin, Tx. I immediately jumped on that bandwagon and by the afternoon, I too had 2 tix purchased. I am so excited to visit my family in TX. I have a 4 month old niece that I haven't even met yet. Bryson will enjoy playing with his cousin, Joshua who is a little older than he is. I just can't wait.

In order for us to get there however, we will have to jump through a few hoops. My parents are currently living outside of Atlanta. The cheapest flights leave from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I will drive to Orlando to meet my parents (so they don't have to drive out of their way to JAX.) I will park my car at my brother's house (hope that is okay. . .I haven't told them about this yet. . .) Drive the rest of the way with my parents to Ft. Lauderdale. We will sleep on a sail boat. YES, my parents sail boat that is docked there, so we don't have to spend money on a hotel. (This could be tricky. Bryson has never slept anywhere but a crib or a pack n play.) We will then catch the plane that (not so) conveniently leaves right around nap time. I keep telling myself this will be a fun adventure . . . so NO stressing.

Yipee, a mini vacation! I am ecstatic! Adam on the other hand is not so. . .he wishes he could join us. I do too.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Quotes from a 2 year old

Looking at twin newborn girls at church: "That baby seems nice, she is not crying"

Standing in my closet: "Mommy, you have cute shoes."

Looking at my shirt before church: "Mommy, Your shirt is purple, it is cute."

Out of nowhere this am: "I miss him."
Mommy: "who do you miss?"
B: "I miss Daddy and I love him."

Looking at my belly: "Hi baby, need to give a kiss."

Looking at my belly: "That baby's name is Six." (We have been goin' with it. . .not sure it will stick once he or she comes. . .) (BTW, we find out in 3 weeks if we will be seeing Pink or Blue)

After every prayer: "AMEN, Baby"

Before bedtime: "need knucks"

Monday, October 6, 2008

One Simple Rule

At our house, we have one simple rule. . .Obey Mommy and Daddy. That is it. That is the one rule. Just Obey. . .the. first. time. So far, it is working, and this rule has been in place for quite some time. Adam and I try to use few words when explanation is needed and if Bryson doesn't obey immediately the first time. . .there is a consequence. . .every. time. God calls us to Obey our Mother and Father as we obey our Father in Heaven. I have been pleased with our outcome. Bryson is quick to obey. . .some of the time. . . and other times he gets his consequence.

Today, the tables were turned. Bryson and I are having a lazy day at home after what seems days and days on the go. Fine by me. He slept until almost 9. Blessed rest. AMEN! We have been busy in his room playing choo choos, cars, trucks, cars and trucks, when I felt I needed a break from pushing cars ("tars") through the "tar-wash." I told Bryson I would be right back and came to the computer to check my email. Bryson promptly came in with his tow truck looked me straight in the eye and said. "Mommy, Come to my room, OBEY!" I busted out laughing, how could I not? Then quickly explained that mommy doesn't obey Bryson. I'm not sure how seriously he took that quick speech because I was giggling the entire time. Seems I've got some 'splanin' to do!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I was just browsing the babycenter website to see just how my new peanut is growing, and I discovered something odd. . .Ty Pennington is the new face of Similac Formula??? Strange choice if you ask me. I guess there is a contest going on for mommies to win a nursery makeover, but still. . .strange to see him all excited about the latest design for Similac Formula boxes. . .

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sleeping Beauty?

I can sum up what my life has been like for the past 10 weeks with one word. . . Are you ready? SLEEP. Yes that is right, my life has become one big dream, for all I do is sleep away the days. I am so blessed to have this peanut growing in my belly, and for something so small it sure can put the sleeper hold on me. Before this baby came to be, I would easily nap Sundays away after church no problem. . .now everyday is a Sunday. I can nap for 3 hours during Bryson's nap and go right back to sleep at night with no trouble.

I am entering into my second trimester, and if stats are correct I should be energized very soon. I look forward to the day that walking to the potty doesn't in turn require yet another nap. I am sure my husband and my first born will rejoice to see me standing the kitchen preparing something other than mac n cheese with a hot dog on the side. (Mind you, I do shake it up sometimes and make chicken nuggets instead.)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Super Mom to the Rescue

I have the BEST mommy ever! As you may know, this pregnancy has been difficult for me. I will spare you the details. Monday morning I was at a low point, feeling tired, sick, and sad that I was unable to be a good mommy to Bryson. I called my mom who lives in South Florida and she could just hear the distress in my voice and with NO prompting from me (wink wink) she dropped everything drove 5 1/2 hours to come rescue me. She drove Bryson and me down to paradise on Tuesday so she and my dad could play with Bryson and I could REST. Thanks to some modern medication (ginger snaps won't even touch what I got goin' on) and some first class Mommy-ing I am back on my feet. Bryson has had the best time. I think he may have forgotten what the sky looked like. . .the pool is just steps from their condo and the beach not too many steps farther. Bryson exclaims "I am so excited" every time we go to the pool. It is precious. Thanks, Momma. . . You are truly One in a Million! I love ya!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

3+1 more is 4

That's right, folks! We are having a baby sometime in April and we will be a family of 4. All Glory be to God, He has answered our prayers. I am so excited, with my all day sickness and all. I did have a quick trip to the ER for some fluids due to some pretty bad dehydration. I could not keep any food down for 4 days. The docs gave me the fluid and some pretty nice meds. Yay! I will keep you posted in between my many naps. I can't seem to get enough lately. Adam has been a trooper. He has taken care of Bryson and me for weeks. For that I am thankful!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay Fay

Fay Fay go away!
I can't stay inside another day!

Too much wind, too much rain
I am ready for things to be normal again!

We don't have the net, we don't have cable
It will be NEXT Wednesday until we are able.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Living in the dark ages

Let me start by saying. . .Comcast will not be at my new-to-me/old house to connect internet and cable until NEXT WEDNESDAY! It was supposed to be today, but blah blah blah long story. . .it won't be until next WEDNESDAY!!!! I only have access when Adam is home from work with his Internet air card. . .I am going crazy. . .

Here is the nitty gritty in bullet point form. I'm too tired to expound (and you probably don't care to read much more than a bullet point.)

  • We close on our house tomorrow IF we are not in the middle of Hurricane Fay.
  • I still have a few boxes to unpack. . .I have no energy for it.
  • This new-to-me/old temp house is better than PA because my stuff is in it and not some dirty rental furniture.
  • I am afraid of the master shower here, it is crusty and gross. I use the hall bath.
  • I am afraid to use the master toilet. . .someone has painted it with a paint brush. . . too weird.
  • It is very dark in this house, not many windows at all.
  • Most of these bullets are negative. . .sorry about that. . .
  • The rent here is very reasonable.
  • Our landlady is very nice.
  • I can live anywhere for 7 months right?
  • We are looking forward to our new house. . .guess we will have to wait.
  • I don't have Internet until Next WEDNESDAY. (have I mentioned that yet?)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We are. . .home. . .?

We are home from our mini vacation to NH. The wedding was beautiful, Sarah was beautiful, the weather was. . .decent. Sarah planned a beautiful outdoor wedding on a river at her new in law's house. She was going to get married outside come rain or shine. I remember her saying, "I will get married in the rain. . .I just hope people bring umbrellas." Nothing was going to stop her from getting married in the exact location she chose so many months ago. Well, the weather held off (with the exception of some rather loud thunder claps), through the ceremony and only started to rain during the pictures afterwords. Sarah was thrilled. I was too, for Sarah. She looked stunning in her white wedding gown that was trimmed in pink. Just gorgeous.

So, here I sit in my home that will only be my home for only one more week. I am starting to get a little nostalgic. I do like my house a lot, it is comfortable and I have called it home for 7 years now. It is just we are not moving into our new dream house until it is built. In the mean time we are headed to a temporary condo. Not exactly luxury. I lived in temp housing last year in PA and I can do it again this year too. God has such impeccable timing and he knows what is best for our family. SO NO COMPLAINING! (That was a reminder for me.) He has orchestrated such a miracle and I couldn't be happier.

More to come on the wedding and moving. . .I know you just are sitting on the edge of your seat.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Headed North

We are headed north to attend my sister in love, Sarah's wedding. This will be Bryson's debut as a Ring Bearer. Lots of pics to follow. . .I am sure you were hoping for that!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Adventures in Hiring a Babysitter

So we have a babysitter. . .she is young. . .no younger that I was when I babysat. . . she is going into the 9th grade. She is the Cheerleader type. Just suuuuuuuuuuper excited about the smallest things. She is so sweet and trying oh so hard to be mature about everything. She has a smile full of braces and I think she weighs the same as Bryson. I tell you, this girl is TINY, skinny.

The first time she sat him at night, I laid out all his night time things, pajamas, nighttime diaper, toothbrush, etc. should have been a piece of cake, right? When I went in to get him the next morning, I found she had put his diaper on BACKWARDS, how does this happen? I just figured, he must have been squirming like a crazy monkey and she was doing all she could to wrangle my 36 lb 2 year old. Quite possible, indeed.

Last night, was her second go around. This time, I even went so far as to write an F on the Front of the diaper and a B on the Back. We got home, paid the girl, took her home and came back home only to find the special nighttime diaper (the one Bryson needs because of his excess drinking problem, ahhem water and milk only!) in the trash can, not wet, but the tab was broken (probably a case of crazy squirmmy monkey) I was praying for the best.

This morning I went in to get him and he was SOAKED! I mean up to his shoulders. Something had gone terribly wrong. I took off his jammies only to find that a daytime diaper was put on backwards and I could see all privates hanging out! It wasn't even tight. Oh well. . .

I will ask her back again. She really is so good with Bryson, and he loves her. She simply needs a diapering lesson. I was trying to give her the benefit of doubt, but next time. . .full on Diapering 101!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Great Babysitter Insight

Follow this link to great babysitter insight. I remember all of this from babysitting myself and it is great to be reminded.

Chatting at the Sky She has several installments. . .check 'em all out.

Guarding your Heart

A friend reminded me today of the importance of guarding you heart.

A long time ago, I decided that movies with content that is of questionable content was just not for me. I get so uncomfortable in any rated R movie and many PG 13 movies too. It may come across as if I am, let's say. . . prudish . . .but that is not it. I am simply guarding my heart. . .it is that old adage "garbage in; garbage out." The same is true for the goodness of God. The word of God in; the word of God will come out. I would much rather spill over with God's goodness than the alternative.

Proverbs 4:23-27 says:
23 Guard your heart above all else,
for it determines the course of you life.
24 Avoid all perverse talk;
stay away from corrupt speech.
25 Look straight ahead,
and fix your eyes on what lies before you.
26 Mark out a straight path for your feet;
stay on the safe path.
27 Don't get sidetracked;
keep your feet from following evil.

Sometimes making the decision to guard your heart isn't easy. What will your friends say/think/talk about behind your back? But in the end, it doesn't matter, because we will have pleased our Heavenly Father.

Thanks friend, I needed that!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And so it begins

PACKING that is. We have 3 weeks until we say goodbye to our house. The first house Adam and I have owned. The house that we decorated and loved, the house that we brought Bryson home to, the house that we are hoping to outgrow very soon.

I have packed 13 boxes. of. CHINA. YES, just china. Is it normal for one to own so. much. china? And I am not even done yet. This picture is just my fine and Christmas china, I haven't even gotten to my everyday stuff. Pray for me. :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Beating the Heat. . .Waterslide Style

I bought Bryson a slide from a neighbor who was having a garage sale; I think he likes it.
You be the judge: (Prepare yourself for photo overload. . .I had a hard time picking my favorite.)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Love-y Trifecta?

My son has an a strange attachment (and why wouldn't he? his mommy made it) to a certain pillow, pronounced pi -LL-ow (too much emphasis placed on the l's). He will not under any circumstances let anyone hold it, lay on it or be in the surrounding area of his beloved pillow. He is often found carrying it around like rappers once carried boom boxes. Let's take a look at that comparison here:

Do you see the resemblance? He also has two other love-ys. One kitty (sadly pronounced "tiddy") and one giraffe. Poor kitty has gone through some hard times. . .My friend, Lisa

so kindly pointed out to Bryson that the kitty has cataracts. You see, kitty has gone through the washer so many times now, for various reasons (namely nasty bodily fluids, say no more right?) that her eyes have gotten hazy and chipped. Therefore looking very much like cataracts. Lisa tried to get him to say "kitty has cataracts" so many times it has now stuck. Bryson doesn't let me forget it. He often stares into kitty's eyes saying "cataracts, mommy." So sad.

Also in the group is beloved giraffe. Where one is, the others are not far behind. This is how Bryson looks many times at our house. Pretty cute if you ask me.

So there you have it: The Love-y Trifecta. How sweet.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Could he be growing up?

The following (short) conversation happened this morning. . .it is wonderful for 2 reasons. . .

Me: Bryson, (pause to listen)Do you want breakfast?
B: Nope, nope, nope . . . I'm busy.
Me: (jaw dropped, can hardly believe what is happening)

Let me explain:
For as long as I can remember, Bryson does NOT turn down a morssel of food for any reason. EVER.
For as long as I can remember, Bryson does NOT play unattended for any period of time, especially not in another room where mommy cannot be seen.

The Praise poured out of my mouth. God hears even the smallest of prayers and hears them the first time they are uttered. Bryson played happily and contently for 25 minutes!!! Oh happy day!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Calling all those who pray. . .

We have just accepted an offer on our house. . .Glory be to God!! God has been good (when is he not good? NEVER!) giving us baby steps along the way, giving reason to be patient, stretching our faith to the utermost, and absolutly showing us favor. Please pray that we can continue to have the peace that passes understanding as we continue on the home selling journey. Also, pray for our first time home buyer. We would love to see this sell through to the end.

A Gift of Peace

We are juggling so much, you'd think we were clowns in a circus. Right now, Adam is contemplating a new job for which he has received an offer, our house is on the market with a contract on the table, we have put money down on land and a house to build, and we are praying for a new baby. With all that going on one would assume we are stressed beyond stressed. But, I am thanking God, for a gift that surpasses human understanding; that gift is PEACE! Amist all that is going on, Adam and I are truly experiencing a supernatral peace. Most days, I can go about my business as if nothing is changing, because I can rest in the fact that God has it in control. Worrying is not going to add one second to my day. I'm not going to lie, somedays my flesh and my spirit battle it out, but praise God, my spirit wins! John 14:27 says I am leaving you with a gift - peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid. Ain't it the truth! Peace of mind is the best gift of all.

Monday, July 21, 2008

WE. ARE. FAMILY. . .(sing with me!)

So, my family had a reunion. . .probably not your typical family reunion. . .because, . . .um. . .ours had a "Light Saber Themed Dinner Dance." Yes, you read correctly. . .costumes and all. (And would you believe someone came in my costume? What are the chances?) Please don't judge, and I know you are totally thinking, "my family doesn't do cool stuff like that!" So let's let the pictures do the talking, shall we?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dancing in the Rain

I was desperate today. . .we have been home most of the week during the day. I had just gotten Bryson dressed and ready for a bike ride when. . .it started sprinkling. . . no biggie. . .I let him walk around in the small sprinkles with his lawn mower. Then, the BIG rain came. . .and I figured why not. Bryson had a GREAT time playing in the rain, while I stayed under the shelter of the garage.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Look what I made. . .

I made these for my precious new niece Samantha. They are fun little burp cloths in girly prints. I loved using fancy burp cloths with Bryson. I don't know why exactly. . .I guess it was because it made something so icky a little nicer.

I also decoupaged a notebook for my sister in law, Christa in coordinating fabric. It was fun to make. She could use it to record Samantha's feedings, notes from sermons, or even a gift notebook. A friend of mine keeps a notebook listing all the gifts she ever gets. She has used it for her baby showers, birthdays, and Christmas'. With the notebook she is not forever searching for that scrap of paper that she used to record the gifts she received in order to write the thank you notes. In addition, it is a nice way to remember just who got you those cute precious baby burp cloths!

It truly doesn't matter if Christa uses the notebook, what matters is that I enjoyed making it and thinking of her. Here is a before and after shot of the notebook.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Babysitter Rate Calculator??

Check this out. Do you think it is accurate for your city?

One Year Ago, Today

One year ago today, my family arrived in Chadds Ford, PA. After hours and hours and hours and hours in the car we pulled into our new apt. furnished by Adam's company. It was smaller than I hoped, and not beautiful by any stretch of the imagination. I remember my thoughts as I walked in. . ."I cannot live here. . .there is NO COLOR, everything is brown."

7 months later, I was sad to leave. We made so many friends, found a church and became familiar with the parks, shopping, festivals. I am so happy I had the experience. I do love PA and would visit if I could.

Here are some pics from our days up north.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My friend Cilla

I just gotta give a shout out to my friend, Cilla. She and her husband came over for the 4th and we had lots of laughs. She then came over while both of our husbands were either working or at the race on Saturday night. We had fun eating out, shopping at Target and LAUGING at least twice! I tell you what, she introduced me to a product that has changed my life. THANK YOU, if you are interested, email me and I will tell you what it is. . .just can't allow myself to post it on this blog. :) Thanks for all the laughs. Let's do it again real soon, girl!! I hope she doesn't hate me for posting this pic. I couldn't resit!

Working at the Car Wash

Bryson's recent obsession is car washes "tar washes." Here are some pics of him washing Mommy's "tar" with daddy.