Monday, September 21, 2009

ABC Book

I'd like to say it was easy as ABC easy as 123...but that would be cheesy. Or would it? Probably? I am a dork...moving on...

After a spending a summer working with Bryson on his ABCs and 123s, we have completed what we set out to finish. I have to admit, I had high hopes at the beginning, but I also know myself all to well. I am a starter of many things, but a finisher of none (or not much.)I am happy to say that I actually followed through and got it done. Here is our finished product. I am quite pleased with it. I hope that it is a book that he and Mabry can share and enjoy for a long time.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

A Letter to a Dear Friend

Dear Naptime,

I have come to expect you, enjoy you and think of you fondly. You come between the hours of 2 and 5. You are typically very prompt and I thank you for that. This mommy loves her quiet time to rest, regroup and clean. My son and new daughter rarely protest your arrival. What I must ask is WHY oh WHY do you wait for a day that my throat is scratchy, my eyes are watery and my nose is runny NOT to darken my door? Why on this day does my son who hates to sing anything feel it necessary to practice his ABCs at the loudest possible volume? My daughter who rarely cries decides today to find her voice and protest the bed loudly? Naptime, ole buddy, I'd love to see you here tomorrow at our regularly scheduled time. Please be on time and stay a while.

Your Biggest Fan
Holly H.
Mommy of 2

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Got Milk?

Last time I wrote, I was sad, down, depressed, sorry I was saying good-bye to nursing. Well, things have changed. My dr prescribed Reglan (after making me take a PREGNANCY TEST!!! That was scary and a whole 'notha story.) Reglan is actually an acid reflux medication that has a side-effect of increased milk in nursing mommies. Wierd? Yes...Working? Yes...I won't say that my milk is back to what it was, but I am still able to nurse at night and through out the day while still supplimenting a little with formula. Good-enough for me! I am happy with that for now and also feeling relieved that my once 4 month old, 13 lb baby is now a quite healthy 5 month old, 17 lb baby! I know, I just heard you gasp. It is crazy. She is in fact a chunky little monkey. So sweet with so many rolly polly ollies...Love it!