Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Little White Boyeeee

'SUP Homie?

Girl Nursery Update

Thank you, thank you for all your advice and input. . .I have really enjoyed reading through your ideas. Here is where I am leaning right now. . .it could change in an instant.

Adam picked up paint samples at my request the other day, chocolate brown and some pink. I am considering painting the walls from the floor up to the top of the doorways in a brown color THEN I want to put some sort of trim around the room to act like a chair rail, but much higher. It could possibly even be a shelf of some sort. . I don't know, I haven't worked out all the details yet. . .stick with me, okay?? Above this "too high" chair rail I will paint pink. . .possibly even the ceiling. I have heard decorators refer to the ceiling as the 5th wall and that is should be colored. . .hmmmm. Can you picture what I am describing here??

Here are the paint colors I am drawn too.

Here is the bedding, again, for a reminder. Check the post below where my friend, Rob put the bedding on many different wall colors.

I like both light and darker shades of both. . .what is your favorite combo? The lighter shade of brown is the EXACT color in the bedding, while the darker color is in the same family. The pink is not the exact but certainly close. I could have it color matched. Would I want a lighter pink or darker pink??? So many options.

Give me your thoughts. . .

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

Here are 25 Random things about me. I did this for facebook and thought I would go ahead and post here too.

1. I love all things school supply. They made attending and teaching school so worth it. I am still tempted to buy them even when I don't need them.
2. I love organizing parafanelia. . .but I am not organized. . .imagine that.
3. Going to the dentist is relaxing for me. . .almost spa like.
4. I love learning how to discipline Biblically.
5. If I meet you, and you tell me your name. . .chances are I will not remember later. . .or I will wonder if we ever did meet in the first place. . .I love making new friends, but I am horrible with names or faces. . .I always pray people are not offended when I ask them their names. . . multiple times before it is locked in the vault. I have a brain full of holes.
6. I love having people over to my house. I am thankful we have more room now to accomidate others.
7. I go to Celebration Church. . .I love it.
8. I belive in the power of prayer. God is so awesome and hears even our littlest prayers. He can do immesurably more than we can think or ask.
9. I like penut butter as long as it is not in any type of dessert form.
10. Mexican is my favoite food. . .I often wonder how Bryson mangaed to come out of me NOT wearing a Sombrero. Ole!
11. As a teenager I made the "big bucks" teacing students modeling and ettiquite out of my home. I had 15 students. I taught them one on one for 30 minutes each week. We were even asked to be in modeling shows at the mall and in runway shows at the Country Club.
12. I cannot do math. . .please don't ask me to try. . .I get too nervouse and the numbers never add up.
13. I am thankful for a husband who is a human calculator. . .without him. . .our finances would be a crying shame.
14. I do not understand sports. . .I don't get why people get all hyped up about games they are not playing and why it all matters so much. . .I dislike the crowd noise during football games and wonder why these guys like to touch each other's sweat. . .GROSS!
15. I am sad for my husband because he LOVES sports and he married a girl who is totally uninterested. I have a hard time even pretending. Put on a game and that is my cue to exit the room.
16. I played softball when I was a kid. . .I use the word "played" loosely here. . .I think mostly I stood WAY out in the outfield. I just liked the pink shirt they gave us. . it looked spiffy with my white shorts and pink and white tennis shoes.
17. I sleep sitting straight up in bed while I am pregnant. I cannot sleep on my side, my belly is out of the question and since I shouldn't sleep flat on my back (which is my choice position) because it cuts the blood flow to the baby. . .all that is left is to sleep like I am in a recliner.
18. I like cool rooms and cars, temperature wise, but I DO not like moving air to touch me. I direct all vents in my car away from me.
19. I was once fluent in sign language. . .I am loosing my skills.
20. I love to check my email.
21. I break for Chik Fil A cookies and cream shakes
22. I love the smell of coffee. . .not so much the taste.
23. I serve in the 2 year old nursery every other Wednesday night. (Not for much longer. . .)
24. I will be a mommy of 2 in 10 weeks.
25.I would love to be able to sing. . .well. . .as in not hurt anyones ears.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Can you say "Overachiever?"

Well, I posted a call for help regarding Mabry's nursery and got many comments and ideas. For that I am grateful. But one friend just out did himself. . .yes totally outdid himself by superimposing my bedding set on different color walls so I could get a feel for different colors. So for your viewing pleasure, I will post some of the colors here. Some are REALLY BOLD and others. . .not so much. I asked him to do a few other colors too. . .(was that asking too much, I wonder?) Thanks Rob! Here he is with his precious little girl who was born just a couple weeks after Bryson.

Give me your input on the following choices. . .

Don't be shy. . .don't hold back. . .let me hear what you have to say. Also, read through the comment section (because I know you have nothing else to do) and take those choices into consideration as well.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It will be beautiful. . .one day

I am going to let you take a peek into another one of the rooms in our new house. . .unlike the other pictures I have shown you. . .this one is NOWHERE. CLOSE. TO. FINISHED! This room is Mabry's. She will be here in just 10 short weeks. TEN WEEKS PEOPLE!! I remember thinking 10 weeks with Bryson seemed like an eternity. It is going by so fast now. Now that the sickness is over, the tiredness is not so intense, and the dr bill has all ready been paid for the delivery. . .it is close. . .oh my. . .it. is . close!

Adam and I have work to do. Lots of work. Here is a picture of the room I speak of, currently a storage room for all things baby (and the vacuum cleaner which hasn't yet found a home, can you spot it among all the crazy clutter of baby accouterments?)

If you look closely, you will see the bedding that I feel in love with a few weeks ago. Adam surprised me and ordered it for me. I love it more in person. Here is a picture for a refresher:

Now the question remains. . .what color do I choose for the walls? I like the blue walls in the photo above. It makes the pinks, reds, and oranges really pop out. But, I am struggling with the idea of a BLUE girl's room. I have never actually loved the color blue. I've spent a lot of time avoiding this color in decorating, coloring books and school supplies. . .just not a fan of blue. I am a girly girl and blue in a girl's room is turning me off. HELP ME. I like the pink on the set, but it is very powdery pastel-y. . .also not really a fan of pastel. I LIKE BOLD COLORS. Hot PINK, Hot Orange, RED! Can't really see painting the room one of these WILD colors either. So what is your vote? What would you do? I realize this is not life and death, but important to me. . .I want to get it right.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Says Bryson

Adam and I are talkin' Tuna. Adam loves it for lunch. . . I on the other hand think it smells like cat food. YUCK. Bryson hears this and begins. . .

Bryson: Tuna, I like Tuna fish.
Mommy: Looks to Adam and grins. . .really? what doesn't he like I think. .
Daddy: Do you want to taste tuna fish
B: Big grin mmmmhuh!
M: Gives him a bite and waits for the reaction.
B: Without prompting or even hearing mention of this posibility this is how he responds without hesitation: Mmmmmmmmmm Tastes like Chicken!!!
M and D: Crack up laughing

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Due to the great demand . . .

You have asked and asked so here are some pics of our new house, hot off the presses. I just took them this morning. It is certainly a work in progress. . .still empty rooms to be filled, walls to be painted, pictures to be hung, curtains to be made. . .but there is time for that later. Later as in after I have a baby and they are all grown up and out of the house??? It will all eventually get done. . .one day. I'd love to hear what you have to say regarding color on the walls. Currently, I am perfectly happy with the nice tan on the walls, but one day. . .the color bug is going to bite and I will want to see more color.

I would like to leave a little commentary on some of these pictures, but in blogger right now all I see is script and no pics. . .I don't know where one pictures starts and another one ends. . .oh well. . .you will get the idea.

Also, I have been looking into bedding for this little one growing in my belly and I am currently having a love affair with this bedding. LOVE IT!

More pictures to come of other rooms as they begin to look a little more complete.