Monday, June 15, 2009

My "To Do" List

Above are all the books that are on my MUST READ list. Where should I start? Have you read any of these? One of them has been on the top of the best sellers list for a long. long. time. . .I'll start with that one today and move on from there. I have started to read them all, but finished none. . .a reflection of my inablity to FOCUS!

This selection shows where my heart is at the moment. I desire to know God on a deeper level, I desire to discipline in a way that Honors God, and I want my home to be in better order so I can be a better wife and mommy.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Completly IN Focus

Last week, my friend Amanda took some great photos of my children. She did an excellent job. She so perfectly captured each of their personalities. I will treasure these FOREVER! Thanks, Amanda!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Sling and Swaddle "Journey"

So I am now 6 days in to the Sling and Swaddle "journey," and I must say, I am having fun with it. I all ready knew that I loved the Miracle Blanket and now I am starting to really love my Hotsling. I have taken it to 2 birthday parties, and several stores, and have even used it around the house. I have been able to help Bryson in the bathroom with 2 hands AND hold Mabry at the same time. Pretty neat. The Hotsling is pretty easy to use, much easier than the directions let on. One look at the directions and I was ready to run the other direction. They looked complicated, but I figured it out with minimal frustration. Today I was able to sling her up with no trouble whatsoever.

I have also posted a NEW video of Mabry getting swaddled in her MB. Check it out here. It is very similar to one we have posted before, but the owner of MB liked it enough to send me another $150! PTL what a blessing! He has now paid me for 3 videos and from the sound of his most recent email to me, he will pay me for a couple more! SWEEEET.

If you aren't all ready, please follow me on Twitter I am way behind on my followers. . .not quite sure how to get more. Some girls all ready have in the thousands. Oh well. :0)

Monday, June 1, 2009

I might be crazy

It is so uncharacteristic of me to be competetive in anyway. . .but here I go again. I entered another contest. I won the Miracle Blanket one so I thought I would give this a shot. . .I got nothing to loose but time.

I am one of 30 girls that have been chosen to tweet/twitter about being a mom all while using a hotsling and miracle blanket. You know I love me a MB!! My hotsling arives in the mail tomorrow. The goal is to get people to follow my journey on twitter. All you need is a valid email address and you can follow me.

What do ya think? Will you follow me? Will you ask your other friends to follow me? Would you blog about following me? (that might be asking for a lot, but if you love me you would do it. :)