Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

I love getting Christmas Cards, especially the ones that have pictues included.
Here we are with Santa. My scardy cat boy did GREAT, My laid back baby flipped out. Must have been opposite day.
Bryson has really enjoyed our Christmas tree filled with wooden toys. He plays with all the ornaments and hangs them back up. Just perfect for a preschooler.
I just love watching him play with our nativity. Just so sweet.

Watching Bryson decorate the tree was just so special. He was so excited.
I love this little scene.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

With my mom's help, last week, I was able to deck my halls for Christmas. I wasn't too concerned that Thanksgiving hadn't arrived yet. The day was going to be spent just the 4 of us. So, we simply bought a 6 lb turkey breast and I halved all my recipes for a small celebration of Thanksgiving.

As it turns out, a neighbor of mine, who lives alone had no plans for Thanksgiving. So, I jumped at the chance to invite her to celebrate with us. I looked around my house and realized it was going to look a lot like Christmas feast instead of Thanksgiving if I didn't make a few changes.

I still had our Pumpkin from Halloween that was never carved. Bryson didn't want ours to have a face. I asked him so many times and he denied wanting to do it just as many times. I started with that. I then printed out some leaves onto construction paper and had him color them fallish colors. We wrote out what we were thankful for on the leaves and poked them into the pumpkin. I even left a few out so my guest can add somethings she is thankful for if she so desires. I am pleased with my ever so cheap Thanksgiving decorations.

I then used my wreath from the front door to spruce it up a bit, along with my cornucopia. Voila! Instant Thanksgiving Decor!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today is Day One - Day by Day with ADD

A while back, I wrote about having ADD. I have been off medication for a while now, since before I had Bryson. Lately, especially since I completly have my body to myself, I have been considering talking to my Dr. about taking medication again. I have honestly forgotten what it feels like to be in focus, not in a cloud, and able to finish a task, any task without ditractions. The time is right. I have two kids now, all the more reason for some help. Recently, it took me 3 hours to clean out the dishwasher and the longer it took me the more anxiety I felt about it. I would put one dish away and turn to take shoes to my closet or pick up a toy to put away or check my email, only to walk back to the kitchen and be frustrated that the job was left undone. I would think to myself, "GOLLY HOLLY! This is not hard, just one dish and then the next, FOCUS!" This went on all morning. So frustrating.

I made an appointment with my primary care. I went over my script in my head for days and days about what I wanted to say. For example: I feel like I am in a fog, I am unable to complete tasks before moving to the next. I have been unable to read and finish a book for the longest time. I am forgetful, frustrated, and have anxiety. I find myself checking email all day long or eating, because those are tasks that require NO thought whatsoever. It is a way to shut out all the out of focus feelings I have.

Did I say ANY of that to my Dr? Of course not. I didn't write them down. Instead, she asked me what my symptoms were and I couldn't answer her in a cohesive thought. All my words came out in a jumbled mess. I felt so dumb! I am no stranger to this feeling, but it is never a fun way to feel. All in all, I was an absolute "Poster Child" for Adult ADD. If she couldn't tell I had ADD, then she shouldn't be in medicine. She prescribe ritalin 15mg to start.

Today is the first day on my medication. I hope to keep an online journal of my journey as a mommy being medicated for Adult ADD.

I could hardly wait to take my first dose this morning. I took my pills at 7:30 and proceded to get ready for the day. I got Bryson off to school came home and got several chores done. COMPLETED without bouncing from chore to chore. I even had time to spare before I needed to leave again. My head feels clear...it is amazing.

As I am typing this now, I do have a bit of a headache...I am going to take some Ibuprophin and see how that goes. I am hopeful, prayerful, and excited to be the best wife/mommy I can be. We shall see how it all unfolds.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beauty and the Branch

A dead tree fell into my backyard not long ago, and it was love at first sight. I saw potential in this gigantic tree. It was about 20 feet long, but it was the top 6 feet that called to me. I (by myself) got a hand saw and chopped that baby right off, hauled it into the garage and waited for inspiration to strike. Would you like to see what happened next? Check it out:

I spray painted it white, used plaster of paris in a milk jug to hold it up (my mom helped with this part, thanks Momma!)Wrapped white lights around some feather boas I had and added red Christmas balls. I love it. It is fun, whimsical and just what I needed. I have been wanting a second Christmas tree to sit in my living room and now I have one.

I also love that God sees this same sort of potential in us. I too was once dead and lifeless, and now made new because of His great gift.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Countdown to Christmas an Advent Calendar How To

I have been wanting an Advent Calendar for a while. After browsing many catalogs and online stores I decided to just make one. They are just so expensive. I came across one on etsy.com that I thought was adorable and doable. The one on etsy sells for $40. I have made 2 this week and I love them. The cost for 2 was about $30.

Here are the supplies needed:

You will also need one 24 count muffin tin. Preferably NOT coated with teflon. I had to sand all the teflon off in order to paint mine.

Use a drill to make 2 holes in the top of the muffin tin for a ribbon hanger.

I sanded and painted one red and left the other silver. (The one that was for sale on etsy was not painted.)
I let that dry then coated it with Polyurathain.

See the blue lid in the supply picture? That was the perfect size lid off a Cleaning Spray Bottle. You will need to find something about 2 inches in diameter to make your magnet and paper circles.

I hot glued the papers to the magnets.

Laid out the paper circles to find the best order. I didn't want two greens together or two similar patterns together.

I then stuck on the number stickers, then used the red and green glitter glue to enhance the papers.

Last, I put my ribbon through the holes on top to hang.

Put candy behind each magnet for your little one to find each day of December. I am thinking of using the red and green Hershey's Kisses. In addition to the candy, I would like to find a Bible verse about giving or Jesus' birth to include with the candy.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy it is almost over...

October that is...Adam and I go round and round about this crazy (non)holiday. I am so over all the ugly decorations that are often too scary for my precious 3 yo. I get tired of explaining that whatever they are are just "silly" guys. Just the other day I was letting Bryson watch a DVR'd episode of Sid the Science kid. I was in the other room folding laundry and all of a sudden I hear shrill screams. The show ended and live TV came on...low and behold it was an advertisement for NBC's Thursday night line up. The commercial had some sort of monsters on it that scared the life out of my baby. I am overly protective about what and how much TV he watches. I wouldn't even let him watch Charlie Browns The Great Pumpkin cartoon the other day only because it had been years and years since I have seen it. I couldn't remember the premise or what was on the cartoon. I feel the need to preview anything he watches. I want to guard his precious little heart as long as I can. He is only young once and he has a life time to experience scary things.

On to Thanksgiving! I am thankful for November all ready.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Everybody Else is Doin' It

So I will too! Here are our oh so cute Pumpkin Patch Pictures. There are a few more I want to share, but Blogger is being a booger!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Say It Ain't So!

My to do list is a mile long, this is in part because my 3 year old is (dare I say it?) out growing his naps? The naps that used to last for 3 hours or more at a time, the naps that I depended on to recharge my batteries, fold mountains of laundry, clean out the dishwasher for the 579th time in a week. Oh, how I will miss them...he is still required to stay in his room for mandatory rest time, but I am not fully able to recharge and get things done when he chirpity chirping from his room. He sings, and hums and reads and screeches and sings and yells out random sentences. I just can't relax when I know he will be sneaking out at any moment to say "Momma, I've got a question for you...I love to play Mario Cart." or do any other random act of sneakiness. I cringe when I hear him get too loud because his sister is sleeping mere feet from his room. Asking him to stay quiet is like asking me to solve any trigonometry problem...It just ain't happenin!

Monday, September 21, 2009

ABC Book

I'd like to say it was easy as ABC easy as 123...but that would be cheesy. Or would it? Probably? I am a dork...moving on...

After a spending a summer working with Bryson on his ABCs and 123s, we have completed what we set out to finish. I have to admit, I had high hopes at the beginning, but I also know myself all to well. I am a starter of many things, but a finisher of none (or not much.)I am happy to say that I actually followed through and got it done. Here is our finished product. I am quite pleased with it. I hope that it is a book that he and Mabry can share and enjoy for a long time.

Click here to view this photo book larger

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Letter to a Dear Friend

Dear Naptime,

I have come to expect you, enjoy you and think of you fondly. You come between the hours of 2 and 5. You are typically very prompt and I thank you for that. This mommy loves her quiet time to rest, regroup and clean. My son and new daughter rarely protest your arrival. What I must ask is WHY oh WHY do you wait for a day that my throat is scratchy, my eyes are watery and my nose is runny NOT to darken my door? Why on this day does my son who hates to sing anything feel it necessary to practice his ABCs at the loudest possible volume? My daughter who rarely cries decides today to find her voice and protest the bed loudly? Naptime, ole buddy, I'd love to see you here tomorrow at our regularly scheduled time. Please be on time and stay a while.

Your Biggest Fan
Holly H.
Mommy of 2

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Got Milk?

Last time I wrote, I was sad, down, depressed, sorry I was saying good-bye to nursing. Well, things have changed. My dr prescribed Reglan (after making me take a PREGNANCY TEST!!! That was scary and a whole 'notha story.) Reglan is actually an acid reflux medication that has a side-effect of increased milk in nursing mommies. Wierd? Yes...Working? Yes...I won't say that my milk is back to what it was, but I am still able to nurse at night and through out the day while still supplimenting a little with formula. Good-enough for me! I am happy with that for now and also feeling relieved that my once 4 month old, 13 lb baby is now a quite healthy 5 month old, 17 lb baby! I know, I just heard you gasp. It is crazy. She is in fact a chunky little monkey. So sweet with so many rolly polly ollies...Love it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It is so hard to say goodbye

My sweet little girl is 4 months now and I have loved every moment with her. She is sheer delight. I am totally enamored with her. Never in a million years did I think I could love another baby like I love Mabry. She is simply sugary sweet, all smiles and giggles. Oh, how I love her giggle.

But today, I am saying a sad goodbye to one of my favorite parts of being a mommy of a newborn. Tears are coming as I type...I am saying goodbye to nursing and wondering if I will ever have the chance to do it again with future children. Adam and I are pretty well set on just two babies. Oh, how my heart wants more, but my brain says no.

At Mabry's 4 mo check up she had slipped from the 90th percentile in weight to the 50th, which did not alarm the pediatrician. I had a sneaking suspicion that is was due to my milk supply. Mabry also once slept from 8pm to 4am and is now waking practically every 2-3 hours to eat. I have tried all that I know to do, pump, drink Mother's Milk tea and take Fenugreek. All which seemed to help for a while, but now we are back to nothing. It really is so hard to say goodbye, especially when it is not my choice. I chose to stop nursing Bryson at 10 months...I feel cheated, sad, frustrated, and to blame. (It is the hormones talking!) On the other hand, I feel a sense of freedom. But I am battling with myself. Freedom/Frustrated/Freedom/Frustrated etc...

So today I mourn, but my joy will come in the morning/mourning for no one has taken my sweet girl from me. She is still my gift from the Lord and there will be no less love in this house even with the lack of mommy's milk.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sleeping Soundly

I love the calm of the evening. Knowing that tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start, another chance to be the best mommy I know how to be. I love looking at these sweet faces and praying safety and blessing over their sweet little lives. I love wondering what their lives will bring. I also love knowing that when they are in bed I am off duty until the next day. How sweet it is...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big Canoe...Through My SIL's eyes

Lazy is what I am ... here is my family's latest vacation...through the eyes of my lovely sister in law...just pretend I typed it. :) Love ya!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bloggy Dryspell

It is true. I am in a bit of a dryspell...not really having much of anything to say...Stuff is happenin' round here, I assure you...I'll get back you one day blog...I promise.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My "To Do" List

Above are all the books that are on my MUST READ list. Where should I start? Have you read any of these? One of them has been on the top of the best sellers list for a long. long. time. . .I'll start with that one today and move on from there. I have started to read them all, but finished none. . .a reflection of my inablity to FOCUS!

This selection shows where my heart is at the moment. I desire to know God on a deeper level, I desire to discipline in a way that Honors God, and I want my home to be in better order so I can be a better wife and mommy.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Completly IN Focus

Last week, my friend Amanda took some great photos of my children. She did an excellent job. She so perfectly captured each of their personalities. I will treasure these FOREVER! Thanks, Amanda!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Sling and Swaddle "Journey"

So I am now 6 days in to the Sling and Swaddle "journey," and I must say, I am having fun with it. I all ready knew that I loved the Miracle Blanket and now I am starting to really love my Hotsling. I have taken it to 2 birthday parties, and several stores, and have even used it around the house. I have been able to help Bryson in the bathroom with 2 hands AND hold Mabry at the same time. Pretty neat. The Hotsling is pretty easy to use, much easier than the directions let on. One look at the directions and I was ready to run the other direction. They looked complicated, but I figured it out with minimal frustration. Today I was able to sling her up with no trouble whatsoever.

I have also posted a NEW video of Mabry getting swaddled in her MB. Check it out here. It is very similar to one we have posted before, but the owner of MB liked it enough to send me another $150! PTL what a blessing! He has now paid me for 3 videos and from the sound of his most recent email to me, he will pay me for a couple more! SWEEEET.

If you aren't all ready, please follow me on Twitter I am way behind on my followers. . .not quite sure how to get more. Some girls all ready have in the thousands. Oh well. :0)

Monday, June 1, 2009

I might be crazy

It is so uncharacteristic of me to be competetive in anyway. . .but here I go again. I entered another contest. I won the Miracle Blanket one so I thought I would give this a shot. . .I got nothing to loose but time.

I am one of 30 girls that have been chosen to tweet/twitter about being a mom all while using a hotsling and miracle blanket. You know I love me a MB!! My hotsling arives in the mail tomorrow. The goal is to get people to follow my journey on twitter. All you need is a valid email address and you can follow me.

What do ya think? Will you follow me? Will you ask your other friends to follow me? Would you blog about following me? (that might be asking for a lot, but if you love me you would do it. :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

ABC easy as 123

This summer I have decided to try some "homeschooling" with Bryson to help pass the time. I am getting the inspiration from this website. We are focusing on a different letter each day. Each day we make the letter craft, talk about the sounds it makes, think of other words that have the same sound and read a page out of My ABC Bible Verses, Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts by Susan Hunt. Then we spend about 10-15 minutes on this site. So far, so good. All of this is possible of course because Mabry is such a great sleeper. Here are some pics of our recent creations. . .

We are both having a lot of fun with this project and it really reminds me that I do in fact love teaching. . .Yesterday I organized all my school supplies. . .I HEART SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

When we have completed the entire alphabet, I plan on making an ABC shutterfly book with all the pics. . .it should be fun!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Let's Compare Shall We?

I can and can't get over this. . .my oh my, my child has grown.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I won!

I won the Miracle Blanket Contest. . .

What would YOU do with the $500 prize money?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

They Say it's your Birthday!!

My baby boy turned 3 on Saturday. Unbelievable! Where does the time go. We had a Sprinkler Party in the backyard and he had a BLAST. This is the same party we have done for his first and second birthday. He always loves it so why mess with a good thing?? It was so much fun watching him have so much fun.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Miracle Blanket Contest Video

Here is my first submission to the contest. Unfortunately I fumbled a little bit at the beginning, but the result is what the judges are ultimatley looking for. What do you think? Do I have a shot at $500?? Would you vote for me?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Free Frozen Yogurt

Sunday May, 10 TCBY is giving Mom's free Yogurt. Nothing I like better than something that is FREE!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Month-Today

One Day

One Week

Two Weeks

Three Weeks

Four Weeks

Can you see a difference? I sure can. Mabry had her one month check up today. She is exactly 10 lbs (exactly 8 lbs at birth.) She still sleeps like a log. I am guessing around 21 hours a day. It is blissful to say the least. And she very rarely does this:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hi Ho Silver-ware. . .AWAY!

Cleaning out the dishwasher is one of those chores that has to be done daily, if not. . .Kitchen Chaos! I found out today that Bryson is quite good at sorting the silverware and it keeps him out from under my feet while I clean out the rest. Thanks little helper!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Of Course I Am!!"

Is how Bryson responds to any statement that he is a great big brother. I have been so proud of my first born in these 4 weeks that Mabry has been home. He is just so gentle and sweet and caring and kind and loving. . .it is almost sappy over here! He treats Mabry like a celebrity. Always wanting to know where she is and when he finds her he is kissing her, patting her, and telling her, "You are doing a great job not cryin' Mabry!" What a little encourager. When she does cry, I can expect to hear, "What's Mabry cryin' 'bout, Mommy?" at least a dozen times until she stops. It is fun being the mommy of 2. . .(so far. . .I realize things will get harder and you will be sure to hear about it here!) As of right now, I am loving that Mabry sleeps at least 21 hours a day. FABULOUS, I say!