Friday, May 29, 2009

ABC easy as 123

This summer I have decided to try some "homeschooling" with Bryson to help pass the time. I am getting the inspiration from this website. We are focusing on a different letter each day. Each day we make the letter craft, talk about the sounds it makes, think of other words that have the same sound and read a page out of My ABC Bible Verses, Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts by Susan Hunt. Then we spend about 10-15 minutes on this site. So far, so good. All of this is possible of course because Mabry is such a great sleeper. Here are some pics of our recent creations. . .

We are both having a lot of fun with this project and it really reminds me that I do in fact love teaching. . .Yesterday I organized all my school supplies. . .I HEART SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

When we have completed the entire alphabet, I plan on making an ABC shutterfly book with all the pics. . .it should be fun!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Let's Compare Shall We?

I can and can't get over this. . .my oh my, my child has grown.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I won!

I won the Miracle Blanket Contest. . .

What would YOU do with the $500 prize money?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

They Say it's your Birthday!!

My baby boy turned 3 on Saturday. Unbelievable! Where does the time go. We had a Sprinkler Party in the backyard and he had a BLAST. This is the same party we have done for his first and second birthday. He always loves it so why mess with a good thing?? It was so much fun watching him have so much fun.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Miracle Blanket Contest Video

Here is my first submission to the contest. Unfortunately I fumbled a little bit at the beginning, but the result is what the judges are ultimatley looking for. What do you think? Do I have a shot at $500?? Would you vote for me?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Free Frozen Yogurt

Sunday May, 10 TCBY is giving Mom's free Yogurt. Nothing I like better than something that is FREE!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Month-Today

One Day

One Week

Two Weeks

Three Weeks

Four Weeks

Can you see a difference? I sure can. Mabry had her one month check up today. She is exactly 10 lbs (exactly 8 lbs at birth.) She still sleeps like a log. I am guessing around 21 hours a day. It is blissful to say the least. And she very rarely does this:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hi Ho Silver-ware. . .AWAY!

Cleaning out the dishwasher is one of those chores that has to be done daily, if not. . .Kitchen Chaos! I found out today that Bryson is quite good at sorting the silverware and it keeps him out from under my feet while I clean out the rest. Thanks little helper!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Of Course I Am!!"

Is how Bryson responds to any statement that he is a great big brother. I have been so proud of my first born in these 4 weeks that Mabry has been home. He is just so gentle and sweet and caring and kind and loving. . .it is almost sappy over here! He treats Mabry like a celebrity. Always wanting to know where she is and when he finds her he is kissing her, patting her, and telling her, "You are doing a great job not cryin' Mabry!" What a little encourager. When she does cry, I can expect to hear, "What's Mabry cryin' 'bout, Mommy?" at least a dozen times until she stops. It is fun being the mommy of 2. . .(so far. . .I realize things will get harder and you will be sure to hear about it here!) As of right now, I am loving that Mabry sleeps at least 21 hours a day. FABULOUS, I say!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Miracle Blanket

Not long ago, I got a comment on my blog regarding this post. The comment was left on one of my more recent posts. It said this

Hello, please pardon the intrusion. I’m Mike Gatten, inventor of Miracle Blanket. Your blog was brought to my attention because of your mention of the Miracle Blanket. I can’t thank you and others enough for helping us spread the word because people just don’t believe us when we tell them it might be “this easy.” That's why word-of-mouth has been the biggest source of growth for us since day one.

To show our gratitude I'd like to send you a free Miracle Blanket. If you don’t need it for yourself you might give it as a gift or maybe a giveaway on your blog.

Please contact Susan in Marketing and let her know what color you would like. or (214) 675.0539.

And again, thank you very much.


I was slightly sceptical at first, because in the post that I wrote about the Miracle Blanket I didn't even gush about it. Seriously, how many times in life do you ever just receive something for free without strings attached. After some research, I found that it was indeed true and with NO strings attached. My free Miracle Blanket came several days later. I gave it to my friend Emily who just had a baby a few days ago. (Congratulations! Emily. I can't wait to meet Charlie!)

A few weeks pass and I get another email directly from Susan at Miracle Blanket telling me about a contest that is being held. They want videos of babies being swaddled in the Miracle Blanket showing the calming effect of it. For complete rules go here. Adam and I are planning on entering as many times as we can. The first prize is $500, second is $100 and third receives $50. It is worth a shot. We have videoed Mabry being swaddled probably 5 times all ready with great success. She really does respond to the Miracle Blanket. If our video is chosen as one of the best, we will need your help. The judge will be the public, so I will be calling on all of you and your friends to VOTE FOR US!

The Miracle Blanket is just one of those MUST HAVES for new mommies. I am truly a believer in it. I could totally be a spokesperson for it...I just love it and so does Mabry! We didn't waste anytime introducing her to her new best friend. . .the Miracle Blanket.

PS: I did not nor do I expect to get anything for writing this post. . .I just wanted to share the latest Miracle Blanket happenings. They have NO IDEA I have written this post.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who knew?

Who knew that a baby can go to sleep without shhhhing, swaying, sideholding, allowing them to suck your finger for no less than 20 minutes? (Have you read Happiest Baby on the Block?)
Who knew you could put a baby down when WIDE awake only for them to fall asleep totally unassisted. . .with minimal or NO crying?
Who knew that a baby can sleep for hours and hours and wake up happy?
Who knew that a baby can practically sleep through the night at 4 weeks?
Who knew that a baby can be pretty content to lie on their back and stare at the ceiling for longer than 5 minutes?
Who knew that a baby doesn't have to spit up the entire contents of what they ate only to want to nurse again?
Who knew that a baby can actually enjoy a bath?
Who knew that a babies cry can actually be called tolerable?
Who knew that a baby can be completely calm when swaddled? (I Love you Miracle Blanket!)
Who knew that a baby could actually be relaxed and content?
Who knew that having a second baby would be way easier than expected?
Who knew that this mommy's heart could grow to 2x the size of Texas with the second baby?

CERTAINLY NOT ME! Mabry is the complete opposite from her big Brother. Content, Relaxed, and cool as a cucumber. She has her moments, but her moments are far more scalled back than Bryson's ever were(still are.) What makes me laugh is that Mabry can be screaming and it actually causes Bryson to stick his fingers in his ears. . .Bryson can scream like no body's business. Her crying is TAME comparatively!Bryson's screams could bring a house down.

I am thankful everyday for Mabry. . .what an absolute blessing and a complete answer to prayer. God is good!