Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Major Developments

*TMI Alert*TMI Alert*TMI Alert*
BRYSON POOPED IN THE POTTY WITH NO PROMPTING! What a BIG day for us. I had never seen him so excited in all his little life when I got home. It was so sweet. I was at church working the nursery when this went down. Adam was here to witness the event. He tells me they thew a party near the potty. Bryson got 5 count 'em FIVE M&Ms and a new little Taxi Cab matchbox car. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!

The Results Are IN!

We are seeing PINK, PINK, PINK
She was folded in half during most of the Sonogram (or is it Ultrasound?? I can't ever get that straight.) But the technician was sure it was a girl with in the first few moments. I just couldn't believe it. Tears just rolled down my face. What a blessing, what a total miracle.
Here she is waving "Hello" to everyone. She is a social butterfly already!

Just last night, Bryson was playing with a toy that is intended for his baby cousin, Samantha. He brought the toy over and said "This is for your baby, mommy." He raised my shirt. . .looked up at me and said, "Does your baby have hands, mommy?" He is totally confused at how this is all going to work out. Maybe it helped him to see this picture??? How much does a 2 1/2 year old really understand?

In Bryson related news, HE USED THE PUBLIC POTTY AT THE DRs OFFICE! This is a huge step forward for him. I am just SO proud of him. Yay! He then used it again at a restaurant! Hooray for Bryson!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

25 More Days!!!

Let the count down officially begin!

All to God's glory we were able to sell our house in a not so great market in a little under 2 months, find a very reasonably priced apartment (cave), and find the house that I am sure we will call home for many, many years. He is a picture of our almost complete home. By now there is sod and landscaping, but you get the idea. It will be ours as of Dec. 12th. So we really will be "Home for the Holly-days. . .I mean holidays!" I can hardly stand it. I want IN IN IN! I keep telling Adam that I would so move in as is. If only the builders would let us.

I think Bryson is as excited as I am! What do you think?

And for those of you hangin' on the edge of your seat for the next Potty Training update. . .here it is. . .We were free from wet pants from Sat. at 11am all the way until Tuesday (today) around 10:30 am. He had 2 . . .count 'em TWO. . . accidents at school today. I don't think Bryson is ready to use a public potty. He also WILL NOT poop in ANY potty not even ours. Any advice?? Thankfully, his teachers are SO super supportive of not using pull-ups. We are blessed to have these two ladies who deal with potty accidents all day with a smile.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cast your vote

Wonder what I am having?? I am fairly certain it is a baby and not a cat, dog or even monkey. . .but I do wonder what YOU think I am having. . . blue or pink cast your votes now. We go on Wednesday to find out. We are most certainly and above all else praying for health. Leave your vote in the comment section and check back here on Wednesday afternoon to find out for sure!!!

PS Don't be afraid to comment. . .I know some of you in DE, NC, PA, NH are reading this and NOT commenting. . . :) Go ahead, you can do it, don't be shy! I want to hear from you.

PSS If you are following along in the potty training. . .we are accident free STILL. . .no accidents since Sat. at 11 am. For the record he is in "special sleeping undies" aka pull-ups for naps and night time. He has woken up wet and with poop. . .One hurdle at a time.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Its Rockin' Our World

*TMI Alert*TMI Alert*TMI Alert*

My oh my, how our life has changed since Friday. I am in mourning over the simplicity of diapers. We are on day three of potty patrol and we are accident free as of Saturday morning at 11 (it is 2:51 pm Sunday as I type this.) I will say that Bryson is on top of telling us that "his t-t is coming." He has told us on his own now at least 4 times since yesterday. Progress indeed! He gets slightly frustrated (slightly might be an understatement here) when we MAKE him go. . .he cries and says he is empty. . .even after 3 hours. . .can that be??? I thought everyone could make something come out after at least 1 hour. . .hmmm. . . The things I have got to learn. We are struggling with the number 2 business. . . he has watched a friend's son go potty standing up for the past several months so he WILL NOT sit on the potty for any length of time. We did have a small, I mean minute, I mean teeny tiny victory with a small Tootsie Roll sized poop in the potty today. Bryson even said prior, I'm poopin' on Elmo. . .(he had Elmo undies on . . .doesn't every boy own a pair of those??) He did announce it 3 or 4 times and we were in and out of the potty 3 or 4 times before he made it happen. Frustrating for all parties involved. We did celebrate with a chocolate chip cookie. Any suggestions on getting him to SIT for any length of time?

I will leave you with a little ditty I wrote sung to the tune of "POP Goes the Weasel"
When you feel your T-T come
Get up and Run Run Run
All the way to the Potty
And do not Stop-y

Friday, November 14, 2008

Potty Training

Just a note from the potty training trenches. WE HAVE HAD SUCCESS multiple times today. The day started out rough with 2 pee pee accidents and one poop, but as the day progressed Bryson got right on board with the whole thing. Going multiple, multiple times through out the day (even a poop success!!!). M&Ms sure work magic. What really did it was lots and lots of prayer and for me to finally just sit on the floor outside the bathroom to give him a moment to relax. When I did that. . .boy did it ever FLOW! HOORAY. He is down for a nap now. . . A. MUCH. NEEDED. NAP. The day was very physically and emotionally draining for both of us. I think I might be up for a nap too!