Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun with the Po Po and His Wife

Thanks to our friends, Todd and Cilla for joining us for dinner tonight. Fun was had by all, except when Cilla lost to me in a Wii-lly fun, yet challenging game of darts. :) We must do it again soon. You guys are a HOOT! Just remember, next time you come over we are the 4th house on the right.


Emily said...

Yeah!!!! Hebert Family update! I played my friends Wii over the weekend (I'm a tennis master) and I am sore in places I didn't know I could be! I just have to convince the hubby that we NEED A Wii! It could be an opportunity for some quality time together...wait...what's quality time with a 2 year old????

Todd and Cilla said...

OH YEAH! A blog about me and PoPo! We had SOOOOO much fun to! And don't you worry....I *will* beat you next time!! :D
Can I ell you how thankful I am that your neighbor wasn't home?!?
LOVE YOU and lets do it again
Wii-ly soon! :D