Monday, June 15, 2009

My "To Do" List

Above are all the books that are on my MUST READ list. Where should I start? Have you read any of these? One of them has been on the top of the best sellers list for a long. long. time. . .I'll start with that one today and move on from there. I have started to read them all, but finished none. . .a reflection of my inablity to FOCUS!

This selection shows where my heart is at the moment. I desire to know God on a deeper level, I desire to discipline in a way that Honors God, and I want my home to be in better order so I can be a better wife and mommy.


natalie said...

ooh--I'm about to read the don't make me count to three. My friend said it's awesome. I'm already making each number I have to count to be the number of spankings they'll more counting works!

Milk Maker said...

looks like a good reading list! you should also squeeze in some vampire reading. i have the whole series. ;0)