Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Truely Bittersweet

The past 7 months have been like no other. Our little family of 3 was relocated to Chadds Ford, PA from sunny (a nice word for "stinkin' H.O.T.") north Florida. To my husbands complete surprise, I was on board almost immediately. I was up for the challenge and actually was looking forward to change of scenery. What I didn't know is how much I would, in all reality, enjoy being here. The summer was so pleasant, I only remember one day thinking the heat was unbearable instead of days upon days of the stifling heat in Fl. Bryson and I spent a lot of time out doors going from park to park. Bryson and I really liked this one. We also joined a Gymboree class. It was there I met some very nice girls. They took me under their wing and really accepted us. For that I am eternally grateful. I also stepped out on a limb and met a girl here and also another here. I also joined a woman's Bible Study through this church. It really wasn't hard establishing a life that was enjoyable, and now one that I will miss so much.

I will miss:
  • Church on Sunday - I love Fellowship Church. The Pastor there is doing amazing things. They clearly love and put God first. They are real and relevant and are breaking down the misconception that church is boring. This church is anything but. . .their praise band is rockin! (am I too old to say that???) I knew we were in the right place when they busted out this songs by this band the first Sunday I was there. Bryson even warmed up to the nursery quicker than expected.
  • Gymboree on Mondays
  • Lunch with my friend, Jane on Tuesdays
  • Playdates on Wednesday
  • Trips to this beautiful place on Thursdays with Maureen and her boys
  • Gymboree free play on Fridays
  • Trips to fun places on Saturdays with our family
  • Did I mention church on Sundays?? :)
  • Occasional snow fall
  • Girl's nights outs
  • The cooler weather
  • Having a smaller place to clean
  • No yard work for Adam
  • Being closer to extended family
  • My many new friends. . .I hope I get to see them again or at least stay in touch via email

I will miss Chadds Ford, PA, but I am looking forward to being back home in my bed and seeing my friends and most of all going back to my church. God is so good and faithful. He does provide for all our needs and can do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or think!

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