Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sleeping Beauty?

I can sum up what my life has been like for the past 10 weeks with one word. . . Are you ready? SLEEP. Yes that is right, my life has become one big dream, for all I do is sleep away the days. I am so blessed to have this peanut growing in my belly, and for something so small it sure can put the sleeper hold on me. Before this baby came to be, I would easily nap Sundays away after church no problem. . .now everyday is a Sunday. I can nap for 3 hours during Bryson's nap and go right back to sleep at night with no trouble.

I am entering into my second trimester, and if stats are correct I should be energized very soon. I look forward to the day that walking to the potty doesn't in turn require yet another nap. I am sure my husband and my first born will rejoice to see me standing the kitchen preparing something other than mac n cheese with a hot dog on the side. (Mind you, I do shake it up sometimes and make chicken nuggets instead.)


Debbie said...

There's something wrong w/ mac-n-cheese & hot dogs every night?

April said...

So good to see you on Saturday. Glad you are feeling better!

Seth and Sarah said...

You have no energy. I have no energy. It's those precious few months in the middle where you actually feel pretty normal...I'm glad you are almost there! =) I guess I am too. Except, being almost there means 2 hour feedings and sleepless nights. Woohoo!! Oh, that sounds so Eeyore, doesn't it? I am excited. Really, I am =)