Friday, September 19, 2008

Super Mom to the Rescue

I have the BEST mommy ever! As you may know, this pregnancy has been difficult for me. I will spare you the details. Monday morning I was at a low point, feeling tired, sick, and sad that I was unable to be a good mommy to Bryson. I called my mom who lives in South Florida and she could just hear the distress in my voice and with NO prompting from me (wink wink) she dropped everything drove 5 1/2 hours to come rescue me. She drove Bryson and me down to paradise on Tuesday so she and my dad could play with Bryson and I could REST. Thanks to some modern medication (ginger snaps won't even touch what I got goin' on) and some first class Mommy-ing I am back on my feet. Bryson has had the best time. I think he may have forgotten what the sky looked like. . .the pool is just steps from their condo and the beach not too many steps farther. Bryson exclaims "I am so excited" every time we go to the pool. It is precious. Thanks, Momma. . . You are truly One in a Million! I love ya!


Sarah said...

You do have a great mommy! That's so exciting for you and Bryson :) I am so happy to be seeing all of you tomorrow!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Only because I have a GREAT daughter!! It's called "Momma Love" and it has been our pleasure to have you and Bryson...what a cutie! Love, MommaSue