Monday, October 27, 2008

Quotes from a 2 year old

Looking at twin newborn girls at church: "That baby seems nice, she is not crying"

Standing in my closet: "Mommy, you have cute shoes."

Looking at my shirt before church: "Mommy, Your shirt is purple, it is cute."

Out of nowhere this am: "I miss him."
Mommy: "who do you miss?"
B: "I miss Daddy and I love him."

Looking at my belly: "Hi baby, need to give a kiss."

Looking at my belly: "That baby's name is Six." (We have been goin' with it. . .not sure it will stick once he or she comes. . .) (BTW, we find out in 3 weeks if we will be seeing Pink or Blue)

After every prayer: "AMEN, Baby"

Before bedtime: "need knucks"

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Emily said...

Aren't they so funny at this age!! Honesty from a child! I told Eli that I was so proud of him yesterday b/c he was such a good and obedient boy and that made me happy. He responded with..."I pinched Daddy, and kicked him...but he didn't cry. We were playing. I still good."