Saturday, August 2, 2008

Adventures in Hiring a Babysitter

So we have a babysitter. . .she is young. . .no younger that I was when I babysat. . . she is going into the 9th grade. She is the Cheerleader type. Just suuuuuuuuuuper excited about the smallest things. She is so sweet and trying oh so hard to be mature about everything. She has a smile full of braces and I think she weighs the same as Bryson. I tell you, this girl is TINY, skinny.

The first time she sat him at night, I laid out all his night time things, pajamas, nighttime diaper, toothbrush, etc. should have been a piece of cake, right? When I went in to get him the next morning, I found she had put his diaper on BACKWARDS, how does this happen? I just figured, he must have been squirming like a crazy monkey and she was doing all she could to wrangle my 36 lb 2 year old. Quite possible, indeed.

Last night, was her second go around. This time, I even went so far as to write an F on the Front of the diaper and a B on the Back. We got home, paid the girl, took her home and came back home only to find the special nighttime diaper (the one Bryson needs because of his excess drinking problem, ahhem water and milk only!) in the trash can, not wet, but the tab was broken (probably a case of crazy squirmmy monkey) I was praying for the best.

This morning I went in to get him and he was SOAKED! I mean up to his shoulders. Something had gone terribly wrong. I took off his jammies only to find that a daytime diaper was put on backwards and I could see all privates hanging out! It wasn't even tight. Oh well. . .

I will ask her back again. She really is so good with Bryson, and he loves her. She simply needs a diapering lesson. I was trying to give her the benefit of doubt, but next time. . .full on Diapering 101!


Sarah Lynn said...

I really do commend you for not giving up on this girl. If Bryson seems to like her and you have no problems with her, besides the diaper issue, then there really is no reason to get rid of her! Good for you for seeing that though :) Good luck with the diaper class ;) Hopefully she gets it...give her a doll to bring home a practice on! hehe :) xo

natalie said...

This is the funniest thing I've heard in a long time! Hopefully she will retain the knowledge you're about to bring on :) How much are you paying this chick? I don't know what the going rate is...I'm sure I'm going to have to use one eventually--but your story scares the daylights out of me! What would that girl do if she had my two!! :o) You're sweet for sticking with her...good luck

Holly said...

Hey Nat! Boy, she is sure sweet to take on the challenge of my 2 year old. We pay her about $8 an hour, but if it is only one hour we pay her $10. Check out this website: It is a babysitter rate calculator. Call me!

Lisa said...

Too funny! This story sounds strangely familiar. We too left B with a teenage babysitter once and found him the next morning soaked with his diaper barely (if at all!) attached to his body. Just sort of sitting unattached in his pajamas. :)

Robyn said...

Oh my goodness Holly! That definitely made me laugh out loud. We are kind of searching for a sitter for my ultrasound day...I'm thinking she wouldn't be able to handle 3 little boys :)
Last night I put a diaper on Collin with a pull up on top and it did contain all the wetness. I thought the pullup might have been dry but as I pulled it off, I noticed it was wet but at least the sheets weren't.
I think that is a story you need to put in Bryson's babybook.