Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We are. . .home. . .?

We are home from our mini vacation to NH. The wedding was beautiful, Sarah was beautiful, the weather was. . .decent. Sarah planned a beautiful outdoor wedding on a river at her new in law's house. She was going to get married outside come rain or shine. I remember her saying, "I will get married in the rain. . .I just hope people bring umbrellas." Nothing was going to stop her from getting married in the exact location she chose so many months ago. Well, the weather held off (with the exception of some rather loud thunder claps), through the ceremony and only started to rain during the pictures afterwords. Sarah was thrilled. I was too, for Sarah. She looked stunning in her white wedding gown that was trimmed in pink. Just gorgeous.

So, here I sit in my home that will only be my home for only one more week. I am starting to get a little nostalgic. I do like my house a lot, it is comfortable and I have called it home for 7 years now. It is just we are not moving into our new dream house until it is built. In the mean time we are headed to a temporary condo. Not exactly luxury. I lived in temp housing last year in PA and I can do it again this year too. God has such impeccable timing and he knows what is best for our family. SO NO COMPLAINING! (That was a reminder for me.) He has orchestrated such a miracle and I couldn't be happier.

More to come on the wedding and moving. . .I know you just are sitting on the edge of your seat.


Sarah said...

Come on...no pics of me getting stuck in my rehearsal dress?! HAHA!!! So glad that you guys were able to make it up for the wedding...what fun we had!! xoxoxoxox

Emily said...

I'm excited to hear about the home building adventure! Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement and reading my blog! I sometimes feel like stopping it, but I know I have a few faithful fans...hee hee!