Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Living in the dark ages

Let me start by saying. . .Comcast will not be at my new-to-me/old house to connect internet and cable until NEXT WEDNESDAY! It was supposed to be today, but blah blah blah long story. . .it won't be until next WEDNESDAY!!!! I only have access when Adam is home from work with his Internet air card. . .I am going crazy. . .

Here is the nitty gritty in bullet point form. I'm too tired to expound (and you probably don't care to read much more than a bullet point.)

  • We close on our house tomorrow IF we are not in the middle of Hurricane Fay.
  • I still have a few boxes to unpack. . .I have no energy for it.
  • This new-to-me/old temp house is better than PA because my stuff is in it and not some dirty rental furniture.
  • I am afraid of the master shower here, it is crusty and gross. I use the hall bath.
  • I am afraid to use the master toilet. . .someone has painted it with a paint brush. . . too weird.
  • It is very dark in this house, not many windows at all.
  • Most of these bullets are negative. . .sorry about that. . .
  • The rent here is very reasonable.
  • Our landlady is very nice.
  • I can live anywhere for 7 months right?
  • We are looking forward to our new house. . .guess we will have to wait.
  • I don't have Internet until Next WEDNESDAY. (have I mentioned that yet?)

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Debbie said...

Holly- you can make it - I lived for 6 months in a TINY 2bdrm apt with three boys from age 5 to 6 months with 1 bathroom, no oven or dishwasher and it was blizzarding outside - now you can feel better about your situation! There is hope and God & your friends will get you through - miss you all! Debbie