Monday, February 23, 2009

The Nursery Has Color

Yes, you heard it! The nursery in fact has color. I actually just bit my lip and made the hardest decision regarding this house so far. . .what color, what color??!! You all gave me a lot to think about. . .too much in fact. . .I may not ask you about anything ever again! Well, not really, I will ask, then get confused, then call my mom, then just go with what I was feeling at first. That is about how it went down with this nursery color. . .I even sat in Home Depot holding my bedding set out in front of me with the array of colors just beyond me hoping one would just say "USE ME!!!" That didn't happen, but I did meet a very nice lady who was very interested in what I was doing so she sat down with me to discuss. Funny how people have such opinions about color. That is why I had such a hard time making this silly decision.

So what color you ask did I go with? (Or do you really care??) CHOCOLATE BROWN! Yes, I did it. I went against what so many of you said (a few said go with it), but mostly I was getting raised eyebrows. BROWN in a girl's room? YES. . . brown. I figured it is a modern/contemporary color that goes well with the rest of my house. Many feared that is would make the room too much like a cave (I had this fear too), but when it comes down to it all I want my new baby girl to do in there successfully is S.L.E.E.P! And what better way to make it a sleepy haven then to make it dark. In addition, all the trim work,furniture and background to the bedding is white so that works for me in lightening up the space. I took a few pictures, but it isn't doing it much justice. I will post some when the room looks more pulled together.

In the mean time just imagine a cozy baby girl's room painted with what most girls crave. . .CHOCOLATE!

PS A HUGE Thank you to my hubby who took on the painting project all. by. himself! Good job, Babe!


Christa said...

Yep, Chris had to paint Samantha's room all by himself. Yipee! Chocolate. That was my vote. It just made the white and the vibrant colors look very clean and crisp in my head.

Seth and Sarah said...

Lyla's room is chocolate and I LOVE it...great choice =)

natalie said...

Hooray!! It's going to look awesome!

Cilla said...

I bet it is adorable! I can't wait to see it!