Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"What Mommy?"

That has been THE question the past 2 weeks that has near made me crazy(er). Followed by "say it louder," and "I can't hear you." Bryson says this after just about everything Adam or I say. It has been slightly maddening. I have been wondering: Could it be a ball of wax in the ears (I have been heating oil and dripping in his ears in hopes of a HUGE something to fall out . . .NADA) What about fluid? (I called the dr. and he said there was nothing they could really do if it was fluid except to monitor it. . .he suggested waiting a week or two to see if anything changes. NOTHING has changed.) Bryson continues to ask "WHAT" after everything and he has also been rubbing his nose quite a bit. I figured they must be related. I finally gave in and set up an appointment. We went today and sure enough, it is FLUID. . .both ears filled to the brim with deafening fluid. This provided a MAJOR insight to all, well, some of the misbehavior that has been going down at our house (It has been bad here lately folks, I am not going to lie, bringing mommy to tears more than once, bad.) He simply cannot hear through all that junk in his ears. We will be putting him on Zurtec (sp) along with some Singulair to clear him up. With this, I hope to put an end all the ignoring that has been going on. I thought Bryson was just ignoring me when I called him. . .NOPE. . .he just couldn't hear. Poor, Bryson. . .Poor Mommy!

On a side note: Last night, I was prepping him for the upcoming drs. visit. Telling him what to expect so he doesn't freak out. . .the scale freaked him out last time setting him on a scream fest the rest of the visit. NOT FUN. As I was telling him about the scale, and the lady who would look in his ears, eyes, nose, and throat. . .Bryson says to me. "I do NOT like it when the put a hole in my leg." Would you believe he remembered getting shots there so long ago, and then referred to it as putting holes in his leg? I had to laugh at that and then assured him. . .no holes tomorrow, I promise.

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