Monday, February 16, 2009

Superbowl 09

I could not tell you who won the superbowl, I cannot even tell you who played in it. But, what I can tell you is that we had a superbowl party and it was fun. I learned that my house can accomidate more people that I thought it would. By last count we had 9 couples and 15 kids here that night and it went really well. The kids all played well together in the playroom and there was enough room for the adults to mingle or sit and watch the game. I am still thanking God for this bigger house. We would have never been able to pull this off in Hideaway of San Jose!

Here I am making wings. . .notice the cute "homemade" apron. . .

Our backyard full of kids. . . just like I had pictured. I love this site.

The kiddos. . .look at em all!

And my favorite picture of all. . .my house full of people I love to hang out with.

In my book it is not whether you win or loose. . .or even how you play. . .it is how much fun you can pack into your new house. Love it!


natalie said...

Oh I'm so glad you love your new house! It makes me miss my old house :) You look so cute in your apron!

Christa said...

Being able to have so many people fit comfortable in my home is perhaps the single biggest reason I want a bigger house. We are comfortable, but it isn't very accommodating for a host of people, and it drives me crazy. It looked so huge compared to our apartment, but after 5 years and two kids, it is not nearly so roomy. I am impressed you hosted a party while pregnant.

Terri said...

You need to check out one of the one-hour apron tutorials, hon - they are super easy and then you wouldn't have to wear a dish towel, you poor dear!