Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nesting continued

I have spent the past 3 hours in the nursery and I already see progress. I have gone through all the clothes that my friends have GIVEN me. Hand me downs are great. I have so many clothes sizes NB-6 months. I have sorted, washed, and hung most of them up, set up my changing table and rearranged the furniture (that part probably wasn't the smartest idea to do alone, but a motivated girl was I! - Adam and Bryson were out for the evening and I wanted it DONE!)Here is the first glimpse of my chocolate brown and pink nursery. Next weekend my college roomie/artist friend, Jilly, will be up to paint something wonderful on the walls. I am so blessed to call her friend! What do you think?

First a reminder of how it looked just a few weeks ago:

Where it stands as of now:

Mabry's closet:

Which is making me miss this closet a whole bunch. . . That wonderful closet is not in our budget at the moment. . .I want ALL my closets to look that good. . .sadly, they won't for a long, long time.

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Seth and Sarah said...

Love it! Love the pink baskets/boxes underneath Mabry's changing table.