Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thankful that God Knows. . .

Here I sit. . .huge and pregnant. . .let me repeat HUGE and PREGNANT!!! I will be 38 weeks on Wednesday and I am ready to have this baby TODAY! I could go on and on and list all the reasons, but just insert any typical "end of pregnancy" excuse here and you would be exactly right. I am feeling all of those things. Mainly, I am swollen beyond belief. . . mostly on my right side. That is where this baby wants to be all the time, on my right side. My right foot doesn't even really look like a foot anymore. It looks more like something straight out of a horror movie. Just full of fluid, YUCK.

Despite all those feelings above I am so excited to welcome Mabry into our family soon. This baby has been prayed for even before she entered my womb despite all odds. She is alive and well and I pray that she continues to do well. I am deciding now to stop worrying about when she will come, because what will that do? Worrying will not add a day to my life and certainly will not bring her here any faster. I am thankful that God knows the exact time and date she will make her grand entrance. I am thankful that He has given Adam and me another opportunity to raise a child up. I am thankful for all that have prayed for us. I am thankful. . . I am thankful. . .I am thankful. . .God is good and he knows. . .

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Natalie said...

Hey Holly,

Hang in there! Think of the blessing the awaits you!
Praying for ya.