Saturday, March 7, 2009

May the Nesting Commence

Until now, I have peered into Mabry's room feeling uninspired, too tired and just not ready to prepare her room. . .all that has changed as of yesterday and today. My two closest friends gave me a bag full of beautiful and thoughtful baby girl items including handmade burp cloths, handmade hair bows, sweet lovies (a kitty and giraffe) so that Mabry can be like her big brother who also loves a kitty and giraffe. They totally went over the top in the gift department, but they sure know how to make a girl feel loved. Just look at all the loot! Thanks Robyn and Lisa!

Today, I show up at a restaurant expecting one friend and my entire playgroup was there to shower me with gifts. What a great bunch of girls. We have been in a playgroup now for 2 years (or longer?? I am not sure.) They are really a fun and nice bunch of girls. I have so enjoyed their company every Wednesday morning. We have certainly had our share of laughs.

We have had a few come and go since this pic, but for the most part here we all were in June of 07 and we are still together. Check out our babes at one of our first playgroups. . .wow our kids have grown up so much!

Look at all the loot these ladies put together for me. . .they are so sweet and I just enjoyed opening all these gifts. You all are extremely kind and thoughtful.

I have also received some sweet necessary gifts from my sister in laws. My brother's wife Christa sent me the all important Miracle Blanket I absolutely could not have lived without this blanket when Bryson was small. She sent me a new one so I could start fresh. Bryson just about wore his out.
Adam's sister, Sarah, sent me an awesome new product along the lines of the Miracle Blanket called the Zoomby It is a swaddler for the car. Oh how I wished for something like this with Bryson so many times. Thanks Sarah! I can't wait to try it out.
My Mother in law sent me the matching valance and a pillow pack that matches my bedding. . .I am ready to GO! Let the decorating and nesting begin.


Christa said...

Totally awesome goodies. I just bought a cute skort for Samantha. It will be headed your way, when she has outgrown it. It is too adorable. Anyway, I have set aside some bibs, more clothes, and some other goodies to send your way via the Grandparent express in March.

The bows are really cute! I keep putting those headband bows on Samantha...she is not a bow girl. They just don't look cute! I am hoping the clip kind look better, but first she needs hair.

natalie said...

Hello? Where was this zooby thing when I was going back and forth from atlanta to nc every other week with caleb while my grandpa was sick? Why didn't I think of this? How awesome!! Good thing you got another miracle blanket--you can't have too many :) I even took mine to the hospital with faith and selah--the nurses were pretty funny--they couldn't figure out how to get them in or out of it. Guess you've retired the duct tape, huh? Hee, hee, hee.