Saturday, April 25, 2009

38 weeks and 6 days

That is how far along I was when my dr saw the absolute desperation in my eyes.

Can you see it? I was miserable folks. Apparently I grow big babies that makes for giant bellies. Wanna closer look? These were taken the morning of April 7th.

That's right, no twins, just a HUGE BABY BELLY. I was at my wits end here. My feet were HUGE and swollen. Take a look, if you dare. . .and they only got worse the closer to the end I got. . . please don't judge me.

Thankfully, I now have ankles with actual bones that I can actually see. I am amazed that they came back after looking so hideous!

April 7th I enter my drs office thinking I am there for a routine weekly check-up. Praying for more however. She does the exam and asks the question I prayed for, for the week leading up to this appointment: "Do you just want to have this baby today?" It was as if the heavens opened and God gave me a wink. Hallelujah, my prayers had been answered. I didn't even think twice. I think I jumped up and HUGGED her right then and there. She sent me to the hospital and told me to tell them that I have been having contractions every 2-3 minutes and to act like I was in labor. I then had a moral dilemma. . .LIE to the HOSPITAL??? I was so desperate, however that I chalked it up to taking the medical advice of my OB.

Adam and I quickly drove to the hospital and did what she told me to do. . .(I will say that she did an exam on me that actually gave a few contractions. . .)Anyway, I get to the hospital and they hook me up to the "contraction machine" and the nurse notices that I am no longer having contractions. . "They must have tapered off," I say, hoping she is not going to send me home. Thankfully, my dr then comes flying in the door ready to break my water. PRAISE YE THE LORD.

I get sent up to my room and they hook me up to the petocin and into actual labor I GO! Hooray. My body actually took over and they were able to take me off the petocin.

***To be continued. . .Mabry is screaming in her bed. . .

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