Monday, April 27, 2009

And now, The Rest of the Story

Part 2

So, I get up to the room and have the IV started along with the petocin(sp??). . .my body takes over and I no longer need it. I start some pretty strong contractions and start asking for the epidural. (I am not a real fan of pain.)Unfortunately, the bag of IV fluids must be emptied before the epidural can be ordered. Contractions begin getting stronger and stronger where I am actually having to breath through the pain. PAINFUL! Finally, the bag is emptied the anesthesiologist gets to the room, the epidural is put into place and then I am ready to push. . .but my OB wasn't there yet. . .MORE BREATHING. . . I kept saying (quite possibly yelling) "This really hurts!!" MORE BREATHING. . .Mabry was more than ready to come out. . .MORE BREATHING. . . Finally the OB arrives and Mabry comes out in less than 10 minutes. I felt every bit of that. The Epidural didn't take effect fast enough. It finally kicked in moments after Mabry arrived. . .but not where one would think. My arms and face felt numb instead of what should have. . .I couldn't even hold Mabry for long for fear I would drop her. My arms had no feeling and my cheeks were equally as numb. What an odd sensation. Whatever! Mabry was here and she was beautiful. Love at first sight.


natalie said...

I can relate--my epidural didn't work "down there" either with selah. Glad she was my last--might not could do that again! I think that's why daniel passed out--he saw me in major pain-which he hadn't seen with the other two kids (they were a walk in the park compared to the 3rd go round) not to mention I kept holding my breath and forgetting to breath. He was doing the breathing w/me so he wasn't breathing...and bam onto the floor he went. But it's all worth that it's over!

Natalie said...

thanks for sharing the play by play! What a beautiful result!

Lisa M. said...

Holy crap! That's terrifying about the epidural! Your ankles are nothing compared to mine baby!! :)