Thursday, April 30, 2009

No Wonder they are called GRAND!

I love my parents! They were so wonderful to come stay with us right before Mabry arrived and continued to stay for 2 weeks after she came. They were a HUGE help, not only with Bryson but also with MANY chores around our new house. My mom helped me finalize Mabry's nursery. Here we are doing one of the many projects that put the finishing touch on her room. We laugh. . .ALOT! I love having a mom that totally "gets me." She, more than anyone else, understands the ADD brain that I have been struggling with since my childhood and that is such a comfort. She just knows me. I love that!

Here is my dad. . .handyman extraordinaire! He was so busy while he was here. He hung a total of 4 curtain rods, 1 towel bar, installed counter tops and shelving in my laundry room, straightened our garage, adjusted some curtains in my dining, living, and Bryson's room, helped my mom MAKE a bedspread for Bryson's room, hung shelving in Bryson's room, and cleaned the kitchen practically every night(I am sure there is more that is escaping me at the moment.) (Momma, I think he is a keeper!)

My mom made a bedspread for Bryson's room, and was the master mind to the sweetest little girl nursery I have ever seen. She also planned and cooked dinners, helped me keep the house straight,made 2 floral arrangements, created a scrapbook, decorated the guest room, and was available for a laugh at any moment. She also lit the fire under my dad so he would complete the projects listed above.

They are WONDERFUL. Grandmommy and Grandaddy Gregg also did so much for Bryson while we were busy with Mabry. Bryson absolutely adores them.

Thanks for all you did Momma and Daddy! I love you!


MommaSue said...

What a sweet blog from such a predious daughter! It was totally our pleasure. Thank you for letting us be there for you. You are such a blessing & a joy.

MommaSue said...

Should have checked for spelling! I am sure precious is spelled with a "c" not a "d".. oh, well, good for another laugh...right?

Kristy said...

She's beautiful! I LOVE the nursery, what I can see of it!!! Soo cute with the chocolate wall and colors!!