Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

With my mom's help, last week, I was able to deck my halls for Christmas. I wasn't too concerned that Thanksgiving hadn't arrived yet. The day was going to be spent just the 4 of us. So, we simply bought a 6 lb turkey breast and I halved all my recipes for a small celebration of Thanksgiving.

As it turns out, a neighbor of mine, who lives alone had no plans for Thanksgiving. So, I jumped at the chance to invite her to celebrate with us. I looked around my house and realized it was going to look a lot like Christmas feast instead of Thanksgiving if I didn't make a few changes.

I still had our Pumpkin from Halloween that was never carved. Bryson didn't want ours to have a face. I asked him so many times and he denied wanting to do it just as many times. I started with that. I then printed out some leaves onto construction paper and had him color them fallish colors. We wrote out what we were thankful for on the leaves and poked them into the pumpkin. I even left a few out so my guest can add somethings she is thankful for if she so desires. I am pleased with my ever so cheap Thanksgiving decorations.

I then used my wreath from the front door to spruce it up a bit, along with my cornucopia. Voila! Instant Thanksgiving Decor!


MommaSue said...

Wow! I am impressed! That looks great! Have a great Thanksgiving.

Ella said...

Love it!! Glad to see you you have been writing again!

Gabs said...

This is great! Did you glue the leaves to the sticks or attach them another way?