Sunday, March 9, 2008

By the way. . .

We are HOME! We have been for one week. Bryson was such a joy on the airplane ride home. God is so faithful in answering prayer. My parents met us at the airport. It was so nice spending time with them and I know they enjoyed seeing just how BIG Bryson has been getting.

I got to go to my church and I enjoyed it soooo much. Adam arrived on Sunday afternoon. It was nice to have us all home again. It was just so normal. . .all of us here in Jacksonville like we never left. Our time in PA just flew by and now it just seems like it was an extended vacation or something. . . for me at least. Adam was the one who had to work. . .

Our box of stuff arrived on Tuesday, or was it Wednesday?? It has been a good opportunity to clean up and clean out our house. I haven't allowed anything in that I didn't need or want. We have made 2 Goodwill trips. That feels wonderful!

Since getting home, we have acquired a Wii along with Guitar Hero. Thanks to Zach and Missy,our new friends from the north, this is something Adam just had to have and it is so much fun and just slightly addicting. . . I have improved so much since my first time playing. In the background I hear Adam playing the shooting game on the Wii and he is saying "Oh MAN! I am the master of this game!" HA!

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