Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Sorry and a Change of Heart

I think it is so important for Bryson to appologize after loosing self control. Three times today he had to regain his self-control. One time I had to tell him to sit in his chair to gain it and 2 times he did it all on his own (!!!) After each time, he comes flying in to greet me with a huge smile on his face signing "sorry." It makes for such a sweet moment, one I just love. I can really see the change of heart that has taken place. I was talking to a close friend of mine today and it occured to me what the sign for "sorry" could represent. If you look at the sign, the motion looks as if you are wiping clean your heart, symbolizing a change of heart. I love that! Bryson is unable to verbalize that he is sorry, but he can show me that he has a change of heart simply by signing it. He is such a sweet boy. I am thankful for him everyday.

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