Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh Happy Day

If today wasn't one for the books. . . Bryson and I started the day at the park. Typically, that would have been just fun enough. But today. . .the Garbage Men were late! They usually come long before I even open an eye lid. Bryson and I took front row seats in the lawn with a nice cool water bottle for the show. Oh what fun. Bryson waved and blew kisses to the men, who totally played along. They waved back and even honked the horn for him. AND if that wasn't enough. . .there was a cement mixer truck just at the end of our street (!!!) Oh my. . .we couldn't have ordered it up any better. Without any hesitation, Bryson pulled me to the ground and sat in my lap to enjoy the "show." 3 men in hats and boots, 2 men with wheelbarrows, one man working the switch. Straight out of the story books!

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Natalie said...

Hey Holly
Your blog is awesome! I'm totally going to want to do one now. I'm always reading somebody else's...if I could only take the time to figure out how to do my own! Any pointers?