Sunday, November 16, 2008

Its Rockin' Our World

*TMI Alert*TMI Alert*TMI Alert*

My oh my, how our life has changed since Friday. I am in mourning over the simplicity of diapers. We are on day three of potty patrol and we are accident free as of Saturday morning at 11 (it is 2:51 pm Sunday as I type this.) I will say that Bryson is on top of telling us that "his t-t is coming." He has told us on his own now at least 4 times since yesterday. Progress indeed! He gets slightly frustrated (slightly might be an understatement here) when we MAKE him go. . .he cries and says he is empty. . .even after 3 hours. . .can that be??? I thought everyone could make something come out after at least 1 hour. . .hmmm. . . The things I have got to learn. We are struggling with the number 2 business. . . he has watched a friend's son go potty standing up for the past several months so he WILL NOT sit on the potty for any length of time. We did have a small, I mean minute, I mean teeny tiny victory with a small Tootsie Roll sized poop in the potty today. Bryson even said prior, I'm poopin' on Elmo. . .(he had Elmo undies on . . .doesn't every boy own a pair of those??) He did announce it 3 or 4 times and we were in and out of the potty 3 or 4 times before he made it happen. Frustrating for all parties involved. We did celebrate with a chocolate chip cookie. Any suggestions on getting him to SIT for any length of time?

I will leave you with a little ditty I wrote sung to the tune of "POP Goes the Weasel"
When you feel your T-T come
Get up and Run Run Run
All the way to the Potty
And do not Stop-y


Debbie said...

I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for starting this with Catherine - don't know if I'm ready yet. We are moving to England this summer (date TBD) - time for Tom to move on to a new job in the AF - we should be there for 3 years, then who knows what! Take care! Debbie

Lisa said...

Maybe sit and read a book?? That worked for us. Good luck!