Tuesday, November 18, 2008

25 More Days!!!

Let the count down officially begin!

All to God's glory we were able to sell our house in a not so great market in a little under 2 months, find a very reasonably priced apartment (cave), and find the house that I am sure we will call home for many, many years. He is a picture of our almost complete home. By now there is sod and landscaping, but you get the idea. It will be ours as of Dec. 12th. So we really will be "Home for the Holly-days. . .I mean holidays!" I can hardly stand it. I want IN IN IN! I keep telling Adam that I would so move in as is. If only the builders would let us.

I think Bryson is as excited as I am! What do you think?

And for those of you hangin' on the edge of your seat for the next Potty Training update. . .here it is. . .We were free from wet pants from Sat. at 11am all the way until Tuesday (today) around 10:30 am. He had 2 . . .count 'em TWO. . . accidents at school today. I don't think Bryson is ready to use a public potty. He also WILL NOT poop in ANY potty not even ours. Any advice?? Thankfully, his teachers are SO super supportive of not using pull-ups. We are blessed to have these two ladies who deal with potty accidents all day with a smile.


Emily said...

I am dealing with the potty woes too.....Eli is pretty good at pee pee...he's pooped once at grammie's house in the potty. I'm just going to have to grab him in mid "grunt" and rush him to the potty and make it go in to toilet....then throw a HUGE celebration!

Emily said...

by the way...your new house looks beautiful...JUST LIKE YOU!

natalie said...

I really like your house:)It looks familiar! I'm such a nerd--I've thought all day today that it is Thursday and have been checking your blog everytime I'm at the computer (which is a lot)to see what you're having! It has now just dawned on me that it is Tuesday..I think I need to go to bed now!

natalie said...

Scratch that--I meant that I thougth it was wednesday!! ahhh--the pregnancy brain sucks!!

amanda said...

the house looks beautiful! I wanna see more pics!!
amanda ball

Laura said...

Beautiful house - is it in Jax.?