Friday, November 14, 2008

Potty Training

Just a note from the potty training trenches. WE HAVE HAD SUCCESS multiple times today. The day started out rough with 2 pee pee accidents and one poop, but as the day progressed Bryson got right on board with the whole thing. Going multiple, multiple times through out the day (even a poop success!!!). M&Ms sure work magic. What really did it was lots and lots of prayer and for me to finally just sit on the floor outside the bathroom to give him a moment to relax. When I did that. . .boy did it ever FLOW! HOORAY. He is down for a nap now. . . A. MUCH. NEEDED. NAP. The day was very physically and emotionally draining for both of us. I think I might be up for a nap too!

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Cilla said...

YEAH for pee and poop! :)
Emily is potty training, too. It can be very tiring! GOOD LUCK!