Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Major Developments

*TMI Alert*TMI Alert*TMI Alert*
BRYSON POOPED IN THE POTTY WITH NO PROMPTING! What a BIG day for us. I had never seen him so excited in all his little life when I got home. It was so sweet. I was at church working the nursery when this went down. Adam was here to witness the event. He tells me they thew a party near the potty. Bryson got 5 count 'em FIVE M&Ms and a new little Taxi Cab matchbox car. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Memere & Pepere H said...

Bryson - YEAH!!!! Good job buddy. Memere & Pepere are very proud of you. Love and miss you very much!! XOXOXOXO

Mom H said...

KUDOS to Mom & Dad also!! :)
Love you!

Lisa said...

YEA Bryson!!! Parker and Lisa and Trent are SO HAPPY for you, getting to be such a big boy. Wearing your "undies", and pottying like your best buddy!

Sarah Soos said...

How exciting! Did you ever think you would be so excited over poop?! The joys of parenting :)

On a side note...can you email me the address where you are at? Thanks :) xo

Anonymous said...

Hey! I found you-I am jealous of this development-Josh won't poop in the potty...but i know he'll do it when he's ready! way to go Bryson! See ya soon!