Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Love-y Trifecta?

My son has an a strange attachment (and why wouldn't he? his mommy made it) to a certain pillow, pronounced pi -LL-ow (too much emphasis placed on the l's). He will not under any circumstances let anyone hold it, lay on it or be in the surrounding area of his beloved pillow. He is often found carrying it around like rappers once carried boom boxes. Let's take a look at that comparison here:

Do you see the resemblance? He also has two other love-ys. One kitty (sadly pronounced "tiddy") and one giraffe. Poor kitty has gone through some hard times. . .My friend, Lisa

so kindly pointed out to Bryson that the kitty has cataracts. You see, kitty has gone through the washer so many times now, for various reasons (namely nasty bodily fluids, say no more right?) that her eyes have gotten hazy and chipped. Therefore looking very much like cataracts. Lisa tried to get him to say "kitty has cataracts" so many times it has now stuck. Bryson doesn't let me forget it. He often stares into kitty's eyes saying "cataracts, mommy." So sad.

Also in the group is beloved giraffe. Where one is, the others are not far behind. This is how Bryson looks many times at our house. Pretty cute if you ask me.

So there you have it: The Love-y Trifecta. How sweet.


Todd and Cilla said...

If this is not the cutest blog you have ever written, I don't know what is!
SO ADORABLE! Love you....and B!

MommaSue said...

Louisa May Alcott move over!
Yo Momma

darthchrista said...

Be grateful "tiddy" can be thrown in the wash. Snuggle puppy is unable to be machine washed, so he gets the delicate treatment of hand washing and scrubbing with a scrub brush. Snuggle Puppy won't have cataracts, but he will be going bald soon, as mommy scrubs him to get the "stink" out.