Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who knew?

Who knew that a baby can go to sleep without shhhhing, swaying, sideholding, allowing them to suck your finger for no less than 20 minutes? (Have you read Happiest Baby on the Block?)
Who knew you could put a baby down when WIDE awake only for them to fall asleep totally unassisted. . .with minimal or NO crying?
Who knew that a baby can sleep for hours and hours and wake up happy?
Who knew that a baby can practically sleep through the night at 4 weeks?
Who knew that a baby can be pretty content to lie on their back and stare at the ceiling for longer than 5 minutes?
Who knew that a baby doesn't have to spit up the entire contents of what they ate only to want to nurse again?
Who knew that a baby can actually enjoy a bath?
Who knew that a babies cry can actually be called tolerable?
Who knew that a baby can be completely calm when swaddled? (I Love you Miracle Blanket!)
Who knew that a baby could actually be relaxed and content?
Who knew that having a second baby would be way easier than expected?
Who knew that this mommy's heart could grow to 2x the size of Texas with the second baby?

CERTAINLY NOT ME! Mabry is the complete opposite from her big Brother. Content, Relaxed, and cool as a cucumber. She has her moments, but her moments are far more scalled back than Bryson's ever were(still are.) What makes me laugh is that Mabry can be screaming and it actually causes Bryson to stick his fingers in his ears. . .Bryson can scream like no body's business. Her crying is TAME comparatively!Bryson's screams could bring a house down.

I am thankful everyday for Mabry. . .what an absolute blessing and a complete answer to prayer. God is good!

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natalie said...

I dare you to have a third! It actually gets even easier :) Well so far anyway..considering we're only 13 weeks in!