Sunday, January 23, 2011

7 days in...

Look at me, I am checking in; I am surprising myself!

Bryson has completed 7 days of reading lessons. So far so good. He has been excited and up for the challenge and is encouraged to know that if we stick to the program, we should be finished with the book (and reading) by his 5th birthday.

I am learning a lot each day as we complete each lesson.
1. Sitting still and on his bottom is not high on Bryson's priority list.
2. Bryson wants to skip ahead... a lot....
3. If there is so much a speck of anything other than this reading book on the table, a competition begins and the speck will win every time.
4. I need to wear protective gear. His arms and legs can flail up at any moment in time causing injuries to my eyes, legs or stomach. (My eye is still throbbing from the whollup I got today. See item 1.)
5. The lessons so far really do only take 15 minutes.
6. I can see progress.
7. I have hope.

So there you have week down about 13 more to go.

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Anonymous said...

yay! glad youre updating again :) good is SO frustrationg working on reading!!! Josh will look at a page & try to guess the words by what the pic is.