Monday, December 1, 2008

Big Canoe = Big Fun

We had a great time at my parents "tabin" (as Bryson calls it) in the mountains of Big Canoe (north of Atlanta). My little Brother, Ashley and his wife Holly (there she is on the rocker playing with Bryson)joined us. Bryson especially loved looking for deer, exploring my Uncle's really neat back yard complete with creek and giant climbing rocks. He also enjoyed playing with the Black Bear, dubbed "Bryson Bear" thatmy mom decorated her simple Christmas tree with. We laughed, and rested, and laughed, and played and ATE a TON. Oh what fun! My mom cooked her can off. . .she single handedly cooked Thanksgiving. What a feat! What a feast! My mom even had prepared a little arts and crafts for us. We made Pine Cone Wreaths to hang on our doors.
We also roasted marshmellows in my Uncle's new outdoor stone fireplace. It was perfect weather for it for sure. Here is my Uncle Charles on the left and my daddy on the right.
It rained a lot and we were really hoping it would turn to snow. . .unfortunately it did not, but my mom called me early this morning to tell us that the rain FINALLY turned to snow and we all missed it. Oh well, there is always next year!

PS 12 more days til we close on our house!

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Andrea Himmelsehr said...

Hi Holly- thanks for the comments on my blog. I am a lifelong Texan, and have lived in deep south Texas, the Dallas area, and the Houston area. Austin is the one metro area I have not lived in. I see that you are the mom of a son, and a girl is one the way! Excellent combination, but I'm biased. =) God bless you and that lovely family!