Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I am now 5 months pregnant, and I feel hungry all. the. time. . . I KNOW I don't have to eat when I feel the hunger coming, but my wants take over all too often. Afterwords I am left feeling gross and wondering "why on earth did I just do that to myself?" I feel like I have had Thanksgiving dinner all over again. I remember this feeling with Bryson, too. One would think I would learn. . .but tell that to the girl whose first word as a child was EEEEEEAT!!!!!


natalie said...

HA! At least your not sick anymore. Enjoy it--food will never be this good again (well- for me it never will be!)

steph774 said...

Don't fight the urge!! In my opinion, there's no point to fight it. I'm much happier when I eat what and when I want-I only have a few more weeks of that freedom. Enjoy it!