Friday, December 5, 2008

Like a Band Aid

Thank you to all of you who imparted your wisdom regarding our bed situation. All but 2 of you said choice B. So, choice B it is! New Room=New Bed. As my big brother said last night, (all the way from China via IM) do it quick like a band aid instead of drawing it out. Another one of my friends emailed her response and it made perfect sense too. When we go on trips, Bryson doesn't expect his crib to be there and he has to except any sleeping arrangement that is provided. This new house is no different. I totally agree with that. Here is a picture of Bryson accepting an odd sleeping arrangement not too long ago on my parents sailboat. He struggled the first night and LOVED it the second. (Notice: he is still loving the trifecta.)

I now what to explore the idea of KEEPING him in his bed so we are not returning him there numerous times during the night. I see this as an issue of obedience and he should obey us. But, how do we draw the line with the pottying? I have a friend who's son was able to produce actual tee tee upwards of 10 or more times in the potty after he got in bed. They have since nipped that in the bud, but it wasn't easy. . .any advice is welcomed. Also, what is your experience with naps and big boy beds? Does it tend to shorten the nap? I am NOT ready to give up a 3 1/2 hour nap everyday.


Anonymous said...

we did choice B and it worked for us with hunter.
new house - new bed. He was fine. I hope you have the same success!

as for getting out of bed 100 million times...
one great idea i have heard works well is using tickets.
you can make tickets with him and place them up high. you can start with 5 or 3 (depending on the number of times he is actually getting out of bed now at first).

Each time you have to enter his room take a ticket. That gives him 3 (or 5) 'passes' for him to use however he needs - for potty, water, hugs, or if he is like aislyn - to "tell you sumthin". But i would only start this if he is getting out of bed on his own. Hunter stayed in his bed at that age, but aislyn.... not so much.

with aislyn, we just threaten to shut her door. I am sure that is not text book parenting, BUT she hates her door shut so just the threat usually works. Her issue is that she usually sneaks into her brothers bed and then they are up laughing and playing. On the weekends we let them - it is their special time together. I love that they have that bond, just not on school nights!
amanda ball

Emily said...

I'm glad you went with option B. We did a quick and dirty change from the crib with Eli, but let him pick out the bedding. We made it a big deal of a "big boy bed" and he has done fairly well. We haven't had too many challenges with getting out of the bed at night. Sometimes going to bed he wants water, pee pee, a back rub, but most of the time he will get back into bed. For naptime, I never made a deal out of it. He had a few toys in his room and might talk, play at first, but he always worked himself back to his bed when he wanted to sleep. We don't keep any toys in his room now so his room/bed has become a place for sleeping. Can't wait to hear how the transition goes.

Anonymous said...

I would say just be prepared for the long hall. It is a process for them to understand their new found freedom. We give Aiden his books and we actually close the door and give him a night light and it seems to work fine. If he gets out of bed just keep taking him back in, don't say a word just take him in put him in bed leave, after a few days of this he will catch on and stay in bed, be prepared for tears but don't give in! As for naps that shouldn't change, Aiden does fine at nap time he actually did better in his bed then in his crib, but he was in his bed at 15 months (he was a climber!!) When we switched him we did new room new bed and it was great!! Good luck its not that bad!!