Thursday, December 18, 2008

Totally and Complety Unpacked. . .nothing more to do

And if you believe that. . .I have some ocean front property in Arizona you might be interested in!

We have been in our new house now since Saturday, and I LOVE it! I don't have to turn on lights at 8:30 am just to see my way around the kitchen. This house actually has windows, you know the kind. . .that let the light shine in. What a modern day miracle. My bathroom feels so large and luxurious and CLEAN! The backyard has already gotten lots of use too. We truly have been blessed.

We still have many boxes to go through, but we are getting there slowly but surely. My kitchen is 95% complete and our bathrooms are not far behind. I have unpacked all the necessary items and found homes for those things, but the decorations are still neatly packed away. That is next on the list. However, I did unpack the Christmas tree first! Bryson loves it, and I do too!!

Adam's dad came in from NH to help us move and we could NOT have done it without him. He was such a trooper. They worked their cans off sealing tile, moving boxes, unpacking, hanging fixtures, painting furniture etc. They even cleaned the ENTIRE cave for me. Once I left that place on Saturday, there was NO turning back. I didn't have to wipe out the fridge or even clean the one potty that I used maybe 5 times. Many of you know, I only used the hall bath. There was something about that master bathroom that made me sick. . .literally. Adam and my father in law are my HEROES.

Bryson is doing GREAT in his big boy bed. He spent the first few days saying nothing but, "Do you want to see my new room? Do you want to see my new airplane sheets? Come see my new room." Over and over and over and over. . .oh he loves it in there. Thanks to all of you who made the decision to do it all at once, Big Boy Bed and New Room. He doesn't miss his crib one little bit. Naps have been a little shorter, but that could have been due to how bright his room was without curtains. I have temporarily remedied the problem with a large attractive beach towel. He slept nearly 3 hours yesterday. God is good.

TMI alert. . . The poop situation is getting much better. At one point he was screaming "something is hurting me" and wouldn't go poop in the potty. He is now a pro. All his poop has been hitting the potty since we got here. He even went with Adam at The Home Depot. That is his greatest accomplishment to date. Adam gets daddy of the year award for that for sure!

Sorry no pics. Would you believe I didn't get one pic of the entire move? Who had time to be snapping photos? I sure didn't. :) Pictures of the new house all put together are on the way. Thanks for your prayers!


Sue said...

Good for you!! Daddy and I can't wait to get there! We love you, Momma

Sarah Soos said...

So exciting to have a brand NEW house that nobody has set foot in! I hope to be that lucky one day :)

Anonymous said...

love the reference to George Straight! Miss u- georgous house!!!