Sunday, January 25, 2009

Can you say "Overachiever?"

Well, I posted a call for help regarding Mabry's nursery and got many comments and ideas. For that I am grateful. But one friend just out did himself. . .yes totally outdid himself by superimposing my bedding set on different color walls so I could get a feel for different colors. So for your viewing pleasure, I will post some of the colors here. Some are REALLY BOLD and others. . .not so much. I asked him to do a few other colors too. . .(was that asking too much, I wonder?) Thanks Rob! Here he is with his precious little girl who was born just a couple weeks after Bryson.

Give me your input on the following choices. . .

Don't be shy. . .don't hold back. . .let me hear what you have to say. Also, read through the comment section (because I know you have nothing else to do) and take those choices into consideration as well.


natalie said...

Okay--I like the yellowy color-I think it says orange..but it looks like a yellow based color I have in my kitchen. 2nd fav is the chocolate walls-have used that color too--scared at first, but one of my favorites in my house in atlanta..although if you don't want to go that dark, you could do the tan beside it.....sorry I didn't have just one answer!!

Anonymous said...

Amber votes for the plum.

I like the chocolate and the red.

Or, you can do a rainbow of all colors together. That would be cool. ;)

Rob & Amber

Sue said...

Surprisingly (to me) I really like the chocolate! It would be really easy to bring in the pink as the accent color. Also, I like the blue in the sample picture...even though I know you don't like it!!

Anonymous said...

WoW! Awesome job ROB!!! i like the orange- happy. I like the plum too. I totally wonder what a pale lilac would look like- thats supposed to be a "creative" color for walls

Anonymous said...

pale lilac is a little pastelly. but it would be the same color as the walls in annalisse's room if your interested to know what it looks like.

Anonymous said...

I actually like the rusty terra-cota. It really brings that color out in the bedding.
But whatever color is chosen will be perfect (just like the little girl who will occupy the room)! :)

Diane (aka "Mem")

Sarah Soos said...

I like the chocolate and REALLY like the turquoise! Just the kind of punch you need, I think :)

Anonymous said...

Seafoam. I think you'll regret the really bright bold colors.