Monday, January 12, 2009

Says Bryson

Adam and I are talkin' Tuna. Adam loves it for lunch. . . I on the other hand think it smells like cat food. YUCK. Bryson hears this and begins. . .

Bryson: Tuna, I like Tuna fish.
Mommy: Looks to Adam and grins. . .really? what doesn't he like I think. .
Daddy: Do you want to taste tuna fish
B: Big grin mmmmhuh!
M: Gives him a bite and waits for the reaction.
B: Without prompting or even hearing mention of this posibility this is how he responds without hesitation: Mmmmmmmmmm Tastes like Chicken!!!
M and D: Crack up laughing


Christa said...

I think canned tuna smells like cat food too. our cat used to come out of hiding if she smelled it. It is a decent protein source, but not when you're pregnant. How funny B said it tasted like is sometimes called chicken of the sea.

Sue said...

Tuna makes me want to sing that song: "Meow, Meow, Mewo, Mewo..." remember the commercial?

Seth and Sarah said...

weird but i actually craved tuna salad with all 3 pregnancies!! i have no idea why!