Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Of Course I Am!!"

Is how Bryson responds to any statement that he is a great big brother. I have been so proud of my first born in these 4 weeks that Mabry has been home. He is just so gentle and sweet and caring and kind and loving. . .it is almost sappy over here! He treats Mabry like a celebrity. Always wanting to know where she is and when he finds her he is kissing her, patting her, and telling her, "You are doing a great job not cryin' Mabry!" What a little encourager. When she does cry, I can expect to hear, "What's Mabry cryin' 'bout, Mommy?" at least a dozen times until she stops. It is fun being the mommy of 2. . .(so far. . .I realize things will get harder and you will be sure to hear about it here!) As of right now, I am loving that Mabry sleeps at least 21 hours a day. FABULOUS, I say!

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