Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Month-Today

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Four Weeks

Can you see a difference? I sure can. Mabry had her one month check up today. She is exactly 10 lbs (exactly 8 lbs at birth.) She still sleeps like a log. I am guessing around 21 hours a day. It is blissful to say the least. And she very rarely does this:


natalie said...

love the ballerina socks! Selah has the same pair!

Cilla said...

She has grownand is SOOOO adorable! She looks like Bryson in that last picture!

Lisa M. said...

She is so adorable! Have you ventured out with the two of them and just you yet? That was pretty scary for me the first time! Two weeks of school left for me!! With the kiddos anyway! Yeah!!! Helloooooo summer vacation!

Seth and Sarah said...

She's a cutie!! So glad she's sleeping so well for you =)

Anonymous said...

i love reading ths- i can HEAR you emphasizing the words you normally would when u speak :) I guess u write like u talk.
Love you. You family is sooso cute!