Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And so it begins

PACKING that is. We have 3 weeks until we say goodbye to our house. The first house Adam and I have owned. The house that we decorated and loved, the house that we brought Bryson home to, the house that we are hoping to outgrow very soon.

I have packed 13 boxes. of. CHINA. YES, just china. Is it normal for one to own so. much. china? And I am not even done yet. This picture is just my fine and Christmas china, I haven't even gotten to my everyday stuff. Pray for me. :)


Seth and Sarah said...

So, um yeah, that's a lot of china! lol. Happy packing =)

Sarah Lynn said...

Wow, you will need a moving truck just for the china!
Good luck :) Wish I was around to help!

Emily said...

I'm excited for you!! Congrats! Have fun moving....tip be very organized with the packing...label everything!!!

Todd and Cilla said...

WOWZERS! We will have to have a packing contest because we are moving in 3 week, too!
I will let you know how many boxes it takes to pack all my china! We'll have a contest! :)