Monday, July 28, 2008

Beating the Heat. . .Waterslide Style

I bought Bryson a slide from a neighbor who was having a garage sale; I think he likes it.
You be the judge: (Prepare yourself for photo overload. . .I had a hard time picking my favorite.)


Todd and Cilla said...


B's smile says it all! ....I think it's saying, "I want to invite Emily down"!!! :P

Seth and Sarah said...

Fun, Fun! The sunglasses crack me up...such a grownup thing to do!! =)

Sarah Lynn said...

I can't tell if he likes it or not ;) Can't wait to see him in a week (and of course, you and Adam too!) xo

Robyn said...

I think that was a well spent $10 Holly! Bryson looks like he had a blast. Now you just need a slip and slide at the end to "lengthen the ride."
Jonah was talking to Mike' sister and she asked what he received for his birthday and the first thing he said was his backpack with candy and gum!