Monday, July 21, 2008

WE. ARE. FAMILY. . .(sing with me!)

So, my family had a reunion. . .probably not your typical family reunion. . .because, . . .um. . .ours had a "Light Saber Themed Dinner Dance." Yes, you read correctly. . .costumes and all. (And would you believe someone came in my costume? What are the chances?) Please don't judge, and I know you are totally thinking, "my family doesn't do cool stuff like that!" So let's let the pictures do the talking, shall we?


Todd and Cilla said...

You are just the coolest person I know....but, after reading this post I will never be avle to look at you the same! :P You know I'm kidding! You guys are so much fun! Bryson's outfit is adorable!

Emily said...

Are those armbands made out of duct-tape???? You are one crazy girl!

Debbie said...

Holly - awesome pictures! Figured I should finally comment since I'm in a picture on your blog! We had such a great time - thanks for the use of all the kids stuff and we enjoyed visiting. I'm now attempting to do a blog for our family - check it out at! Take care & we'll be praying for the house, job & trying for another child - all in God's timing! Debbie