Saturday, July 5, 2008

so much going on . . .

Here is a short recap since last post. . .I won't bore you with the details.

We put our house on the market. (nerve wracking and exciting)
We get an offer 3 weeks later. (totally excited, giving all glory to God)
We have our house inspected, with the buyers present. All while our neighbors were being evicted from their rental house. . .2 cops cars, a tow truck and lots of yelling. . .thought it might just scare the buyers away. . .it didn't, they thought it was a good show. . .(WHEW!)
We searched for a new home. Decided to build a new house. . .the house of our dreams. (tentative, but fun and ready to go)
The offer fell through. . .my buyers couldn't get financing since they had NO CREDIT. (sad for half an hour. . .over it now. . .moving on)
We may loose the new house we were building, but I just know God has a plan for us. (hopeful)
House back on the market. (back to the grind of keeping a spotless house with a 2 year old. (just lovely)
Know anyone looking for a 3/2 in Mandarin, let me know!

So there you have it . . . for all my loyal readers. . . um, I think that includes Cilla and Emily! All two of my fans :)


Emily said...

Yay!!! Oh Holly...sorry to hear about the house deal falling through...You're such a postive and faitful girl...that's why I love you and miss you!

darthchrista said...

Hey, I am a fan. You are on my homepage baby.

natalie said...

Holly! Sorry to hear about your house--but trust me when I say God knows best! Sometimes it doesn't help to hear that when we've had our hearts set on something else, but God's timing is awesomely perfect. Can you tell I've witnessed this MANY times?! So we're thinking of heading down there sometime--really missing the beach--and you of course!!